Zhang Jiandong: The details are still insufficient. Chinese companies have certain advantages.

The 2010 Frankfurt exhibition date was held on April 16th. The Aladdin Lighting Network, which participated in the exhibition, also benefited a lot. In addition to bringing the latest information to everyone, representatives attending the exhibition also published on Aladdin Lighting. Their respective feelings and opinions have made everyone more aware of the current situation and development prospects of the lighting industry.

This time we interviewed Zhang Jiandong, manager of Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Trade Co., Ltd.

I was most impressed when I participated in the exhibition for the first time.

Manager Zhang: Although there has always been concern about the Frankfurt Lighting Fair, since the cooperation in 2004, this year is the first time I personally went to Germany to visit the exhibition.

The impression of the whole trip is quite profound. To say the deepest feeling is to say that the scale of the exhibition is large, but it is unprecedented. First of all, from the scale of the booth, the exhibition area is 226,293 square meters, and there are many exhibitors at home and abroad. Secondly, the number of viewers is also quite good. According to my estimation, the number of visitors will be nearly 200,000. The six-day exhibition, even on the fifth day of the fifth day, is quite impressive.

In addition, the entire itinerary of the exhibition is relatively rigorous. For details such as transportation, accommodation and other details, the organization's careful arrangement is very perfect, and the traffic and connection between the exhibition hall and the exhibition hall (large area) are also done very well. In the whole operation process, the management related to counterfeit products is also in place. In this way, exhibitors are more willing to take the latest products out of the exhibition, which is relatively manageable in China.

Chinese and foreign distances are still insufficient

Manager Zhang: At the exhibition, the number of exhibitors from domestic enterprises reached 290, and the booth area increased compared with last year. This aspect shows that the Chinese lighting industry is close to Europe and the United States.

In today's globalized world, we must gain a favorable position in international competition and know our position. Although we started slowly, the efforts of the Chinese government and enterprises have gradually shortened the gap between the two sides. The government's requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction are more likely to promote enterprises, but also allow enterprises to obtain certain protection in the production process. Of course, in the process of operation, some details of the handling, the rigor may not be as good as abroad.

Green products are the trend of Chinese companies have advantages

Manager Zhang: The number of new energy-saving products is staggering. Most exhibitors have related energy-saving and low-carbon products to participate in the exhibition, at least 70% of the exhibition. The rapid development of LED has also brought us a message. Energy-saving and low-carbon green products are a trend in the future. This is also a necessary trend in domestic development, so domestic companies should consider how to develop this market. I have just mentioned this aspect. Under the protection and promotion of some policies of the Chinese government, it is a great advantage for Chinese companies.

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