The third lighting revolution LED will quickly enter the home life

You should remember the scrolls that slowly unfolded at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. On the scrolls, the dreamy ink paintings shocked the whole world. But do you know that this display is like a picture of ink that is dripping on rice paper and free to stretch. It is made up of more than 8,000 LED color brick floor displays? Do you know that at the 2010 World Expo, LED has become a darling and will bring shocking visual effects to the world. Do you know that LED lights are changing our lives?

In recent years, LED has gradually expanded into the field of general lighting, from securities market to stock machines, from laptops to digital cameras, from PDAs to mobile phones, from indoor lighting to car lights, LEDs are everywhere. LED is hailed as the third lighting revolution in the history of the industry, and the biggest battleground of this "revolution" will be in the home lighting market.

For LEDs entering the home lighting, Gao Wei, deputy secretary-general of the Sichuan Lighting Association, told the author that because of the energy-saving effect of LEDs, the use of LED lights will be the future development trend, and more and more LED manufacturers are beginning to extend their products to home lighting. field. With the concern of enterprises, molded and matched civilian LED lamps can meet the market consumption demand, but due to the high cost of LED lamps, the high price has become the biggest resistance to entry into home lighting. According to his speculation, with the decline in prices, in the next five years, LED lights will quickly enter the public life of the citizens.

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