Several disadvantages of high power LED

The current disadvantages of high-power LEDs are mainly in the following aspects:

1. High power LED application has low light efficiency

The high-intensity gas discharge lamp with a commercial power of more than 3 watts and high-power light-emitting diodes has a low luminous efficiency, and is lower than a high-intensity gas discharge lamp with a luminous efficiency of more than 100 lumens per watt, and is also lower than a rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamp with a lumen of 60 lumens or more per watt. It is said that semiconductor lighting saves power and saves energy. It is actually set up in a small power range. When using current semiconductor light sources to make high-power lighting fixtures, it does not save much energy compared with existing high-efficiency light sources. On the contrary, the initial input cost is very high. high.

2. High-power LEDs are expensive. At present, the market price of high-power white LEDs of 1 watt is about ten to several times that of traditional light sources.

3, low light efficiency, the input of a large amount of electrical energy into heat. The fact that the light-emitting tube is a cold light source merely means that the light-emitting body itself is not a hot body, but the resistance heat generated by the large current on the semiconductor material still causes the light-emitting tube to generate a higher temperature, and the light-emitting diode made of the semiconductor material is not resistant to the high temperature. The overheating will greatly reduce the service life, and the heat dissipation by the radiator increases the volume of the lamp, so that the advantages of small size and light weight of the semiconductor light source disappear.

4, the spot, due to the defects in the manufacturing process of the white LED itself plus the coordination error with the reflective cup or lens, it is easy to cause the yellow circle problem.

In recent years, the LED industry has developed rapidly, but according to the above analysis, it can be seen that in terms of luminous efficiency and price level, it is not easy for a semiconductor light source to truly enter the general lighting field instead of a conventional light source in a short period of time. To solve these problems, the luminous efficiency of the luminous tube is greatly improved and the production cost is greatly reduced. However, under the current state of the art, the development of the semiconductor lighting industry to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and actively develop in the direction of advantages, promoted its technological advancement and maturity of production processes, enabling the era of semiconductor lighting to come early. In the final analysis, the deep development of any industry is inseparable from the improvement of technological power, LED technology innovation has become the inevitable development of the LED industry!

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