Dongying included LEDs in the construction drawing review and did not adopt the project.

A few days ago, Shandong Dongying incorporated the construction lighting design into the scope of construction drawing review, and the project that did not adopt LED environmental protection and energy-saving lamps was not approved. It is understood that this is another major measure taken by Dongying City to cope with the integration of the Yellow River Delta Efficient Ecological Economic Zone into the national development strategy to further promote the construction of environmentally-friendly cities. After that, the newly designed construction projects in the Dongying area must adopt LED lamps, and the unused construction engineering design and construction drawings will not be passed. The construction lighting system must be redesigned through the construction drawing review unit. This move will play an active role in promoting the city's promotion of environmentally friendly energy-saving products.

stainless material,never be rusty.easy to install,just press the Diffuser Strip Light into the bracket until it is fixed well.Before installation,put the bracket on any place you want,then use the attached screw to fix. In ordet to fix the led srtips,three brackets per meter is enough.And you can rotate the bracket to make the shape ,of course the basic position should be confirmed before fixing the brackets.paticular design,make the strips different from other products,the brackets are only attached strip light,not sold separately.

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