What is an LED lighting module?

The LED module is a product that combines LEDs (light-emitting diodes) according to the rules and then encapsulates them, plus some waterproof treatment.
LED modules are widely used in LED products. There are also great differences in structure and electronics. The simple one is to use an LED board and housing to form an LED module. The module is as shown below, complicated with some control, constant source and coherent to heat treatment to make the LED life and luminous intensity better.

The oldest LED piranha module
Important for the nighttime effect of advertising fonts (acrylic, squeezing) and logos. It is based on text or logo. It can be used on the top or wall of a building to express the red sky effect and the LED. As a light source, it shows another effect at night, and is equipped with an LED lighting control system to hold static video control for text or logo. In some places where the entertainment atmosphere is thick, the LED light source module has become One of the most important choices for companies to develop their self-image
Now the first LED network takes you to a detailed explanation of the parameters of the LED module:
(1) Color:
This is a basic parameter, and different colors are used in different field folds. According to the color, it can be divided into three types: monochrome, colorful, and full-box control. Monochrome is a single color that cannot be changed. Connected to the power supply will work. Colorful is that all the strings can only be unified in one color. It can't really be the same color of a single module. In a nutshell, only all the modules can only be unified in the unified time. There are seven different times. Change between colors. The full cabin point is that you can hold each module to the color. When the number of modules reaches a certain level, the effect of displaying pictures and videos can be realized. Colorful and full cabins must be combined with the control system to achieve the effect.
(2) Voltage:
This is a very important parameter, the current 12V low voltage module is more extensive. When connecting the power supply and the control system, it is necessary to check the correctness of the voltage value before powering on, otherwise the LED module will be damaged.
(3) Working temperature:
That is to say, the normal working temperature of the LED is usually between -20 ° C and +60 ° C. If the field of the request is relatively high, it is necessary to enter a special treatment.
(4) Illumination angle:
The illumination angle of an LED module without a lens is determined by the LED. The different illumination angles of the LED are also different. The illumination angle of the LED supplied by the manufacturer is the angle of the LED module.
(5) Brightness:
This parameter is a parameter that technology is more concerned about. The brightness is a complicated problem in the LED. The brightness that we usually say in the LED module is usually the luminous intensity and the source brightness. In low power, the luminous intensity is usually said (MCD). In the high power, the source brightness (LM) is usually said. The source brightness of the module that LED says is to add the source brightness of each LED. Although it is not very accurate, it can basically Reflects the brightness of the LED module.
(6) Waterproof rating:
This parameter is very important if you want to use the LED module outdoors. This is an important indicator to ensure that the LED module can work outdoors for a long time. Normally, the best waterproof rating is IP65 in all weather conditions.
(7) Size:
This is abbreviated, which is commonly referred to as long\wide\advanced size.
(8) Maximum length of a single connection:
This parameter is used more when making large-scale projects. It means that the crystal lighting is the number of connected LED modules in a series LED module. This is related to the size of the connection line of the LED module. It must also be based on the actual situation.
(9) Power:
Regarding the power of the LED module, the first LED network smashes everyone a lesson formula: the power of the LED mode level = the number of xLEDs of a single LED x 1.1.


Cable Spec UL 2464 22AWG of cable 
temputer of cable 80°C
Voltage 300V
Color  Black
Length  1500mm or option
Plug  OBD plug
DC connector Female DC 5.5x2.5mm
Mini Order 500pcs /per order
Lead time  1-4 weeks
Payment  TT or PayPal

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