Chancheng will implement the “Wanjiayi” project

Following the installation of more than 11,000 high-power LED street lights, Chancheng plans to promote the application of 37,000 LED street lights this year and next, and promote the application of 100 million indoor LED lighting products.

As one of the demonstration areas for the promotion and application of LED street lights in the province, in 2009, Chancheng District launched the renovation of urban street lighting LED street lights. Up to now, Chancheng has completed the reconstruction of the road section with a total length of 300 kilometers, and distributed 120 main and secondary trunk roads and branches and parks such as Wenhua Road, Lingnan Avenue, Weiguo Road and Wenhua Park, and installed more than 11,000 high-power LED street lamps. Hey.

Chancheng District implemented a new model of contract energy management (referred to as "EMC") technology promotion in the Led Street Lamp renovation project, that is, the bank provides energy-saving renovation funds, and the enterprise repays the bank loan through the energy-saving income of green lighting and shares energy-saving benefits with the government. A unique business model accelerates the pace of energy-saving retrofits.

It is understood that the demonstration project of LED street lights in Chancheng District will be further expanded. In the next two years, Chancheng District will implement the “Wanjiayi” indoor green lighting special action. It plans to promote the application of 37,000 LED street lamps and 100 million indoor LED lighting products within 2 years.

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