Japan developed the first straight-tube LED lighting for hospital MRI examination room

[High-tech LED News] Japan's Uchida has developed the first straight-tube LED lighting for MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance) inspection room. The new product color temperature covers 3000K (bulb color), 4000K (white), 5000K (昼 white). It can be selected according to the atmosphere of the room, and is equipped with a common type of 24W power and a 20W energy-saving product line.

Uchida said that the power consumption of the new product can be reduced by 70% and the illumination is doubled compared with the halogen lamp originally used in the MRI inspection room.

It is understood that most of the lighting in the previous MRI examination room used halogen lamps, mainly because the noise emitted by the fluorescent lamp ballast affects the MRI device. However, halogen lamps have problems such as easy heat generation and high power consumption. Therefore, the MRI examination room "has always wanted to have a bright light source that emits white light."

The LED lighting developed this time separates the power supply from the appliance, and the power supply section is placed outside the inspection room to minimize the impact of noise on the MRI inspection room. The luminaires are made of non-magnetic materials, making them safe to use in places with strong magnetic fields.

According to Uchida, the new products will be sold at a development price. The goal of Uchida is to sell 5,000 units by 2015.

Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine:

This ploughing cultivator is centered on a rotating column and surrounded by ploughing knives. The land ploughed by our machines is very loose, the soil has been improved, fertilizer and soil conservation. Through cultivated land, the surface soil layer of a year is turned to the lower layer, so soil maturation is accelerated, which is conducive to promoting the journey of soil aggregate structure, thickening the living soil layer, deepening the cultivation layer, and increasing the living soil layer. 


Rotary Cultivator for Agriculture02

Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine Technical Parameters:

1. Cutter shaft: single-axis

2. Tilling width: 2000 mm

3. Size: 2250*750*980 mm

4. Rated power: 51.5-65KW

5. Weight: 386KG

Typical Applications: can be worked in paddy field, dryland or hilly ground.


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Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine

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