Eaton wins the bid for the Shangcheng Technology LED Sapphire Substrate Project with the 9395 Series UPS

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Eaton successfully won the bid for the 6 million high-quality LED sapphire substrate project of Zhejiang Shangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. with the high reliability of the 9395 series UPS and the energy-saving and environmental protection features of its products.

Eaton pointed out that the product uses Eaton's patented thermal synchronous parallel technology, so that real-time data exchange and centralized control are not required between the UPSs of the parallel machine, which can avoid the collapse of the parallel system caused by the poor communication line between the UPSs. The danger of eliminating a single point of failure in the UPS parallel system.

The product also uses EASY-LOAD load test technology, no external load box, no need for cable installation, full load test of all power components and connectors in the UPS, test the heat of UPS, bypass, cable, switchgear Phenomenon and full battery discharge test can be performed.

The product can realize a real low-carbon economy. It uses ESS and VMMS energy-saving technology to dynamically adjust and optimize the operating status of each module component in a large system according to the actual load capacity, so that the power supply efficiency of the UPS under different working conditions is improved. 95%-99% and can reduce power consumption by 90%.

In addition, many key components of the product are designed with redundancy, such as critical logic power supplies, control boards, fans, and more. When certain components fail, the UPS system will not stop working. Full digital DSP control technology, ABM battery management technology, air duct cooling system, fan status monitoring and detection, DC-Expert technology, etc., is also a strong guarantee for safe and reliable operation of the 9395 series UPS.

The connection of the parallel  groove clamp for the medium and small section of the aluminum stranded wire or the overhead stranded wire and the steel core aluminum stranded wire strand in the position where the tension is not applied is also used for the jumper connection of the non-linear tower. Parallel Clamp is a parallel connection wire to transmit the electrical load of the contact fittings. Parallel Jaw Clamps are widely used. 

The following are the model parameters we product:

Items Specification Sort
APG-A AL 16-70² Single Bolt
APG-B1 AL 16-35² Double Bolt
APG-B2 AL 16-70² Double Bolt
APG-B3 AL 16-150² Double Bolt
APG-B4 AL 30-300² Tri-Bolt

Item Specification Sort
CAPG-A1 CU 6-50² AL 16-70/12² Single Bolt
CAPG-A2 CU 10-95² AL 25-150² Single Bolt
CAPG-B1 CU 6-50² AL 16-70² Double Bolt
CAPG-B2 CU 10-95² AL 25-150² Double Bolt
CAPG-C1 CU 16-120² AL 16-120² Double Bolt
CAPG-C2 CU 50-240²AL 50-240² Double Bolt
CAPG-D CU 35-240²AL 35-300² Tri-Bolt

Item JBL-16-120 JBL-50-240
Wire Core Section 16-120 50-240
L 46 46
L1 55 70
B 47 60

Cat.No. JBTL-10-95 JBTL-16-120 JBTL-16-120
Wire Core Section,mm2 10-95 16-120 50-240
L 40 47 45
L1 40 55 60
B 41 48 62
Weight,kg 0.235 0.273 0.391

Parallel Clamp

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Parallel Clamp

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