Puri Optoelectronics Makes New Breakthrough in Solid-State Lighting "GaN-on-Si"

Recently, Purui Optoelectronics announced that it broke the previous industry record of the highest lumens per watt of GaN-On-Silicon. Using its patented "buffer layer process", it has been demonstrated that crack-free gallium nitride liners can be grown on 8-inch silicon wafers without room temperature, extending their performance in reinforced silicon GaN LEDs and Leadership in manufacturability.

Puri Optoelectronics is demonstrating LED performance levels comparable to today's most advanced sapphire-based LEDs. The GaN-based cold white LEDs have an efficiency of up to 160 lm/W at a color temperature of 4,350 K, and warm white LEDs provide an efficiency of 125 lm/W at color temperatures of 2,940 K and CRI 80.

Traditional LEDs are made from sapphire or silicon carbide substrates as the original material, but both are more expensive than silicon. Therefore, the expensive cost has led to the inability of LED lighting products to reach the fields of residential and commercial buildings. However, if gallium nitride is grown on larger, lower cost silicon wafers and processes that are compatible with modern semiconductor production lines, the cost of the product will be reduced by 75% compared to existing processes. Purui Opto's process technology can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing LEDs in the future, making it possible to compete with traditional white lighting technology.

Dr. Steve Lester, Chief Technology Officer of Puri, said: "The performance level we announced today is the highest GaN lumen/watt efficiency released to date, comparable to the top commercial LEDs for sapphire or silicon carbide (SiC) substrates. These achievements are directly attributable to our efforts to create a world-class team of Puri Optoelectronics scientists and chip design engineers, and to focus on the industry's leading epitaxial process technology. We are very satisfied with this. The pace of progress in one area, and will continue to actively develop our GaN on-line process to promote the commercialization of LED production from sapphire to silicon. Our first commercial GaN on-line product is planned for the next two years. Delivery to the market."

The thermal expansion coefficient of gallium nitride is much larger than that of silicon. This mismatch can cause the epitaxial film to rupture during epitaxial growth or at room temperature, or the wafer is bent. The crack-free wafer produced by Purui Optoelectronics' proprietary buffer layer process remains nearly flat at room temperature.

The sealed 1.5mm blue LED uses 350mA to achieve 591mW lumens and a plug efficiency of 59%, which is higher than any previous release. LEDs have very low forward voltages and are only 2.85V at 350mA, making them ideal for use at high current densities. At 1 amp drive current, the LED emits 1.52 watts of blue power at a forward voltage of 3.21V, resulting in a plug efficiency of 47%. The wavelength uniformity of Sigma 6.8 nm has been verified for 8-inch LED wafers with a median wavelength of 455 nm.

Bill Watkins, CEO of Purui Optoelectronics, said: "This new technological breakthrough is a direct result of Puri's continued R&D investment and a focus on the demand for solid-state lighting. This key innovation is the game changer in the industry. The initial capital investment required for solid-state lighting has been reduced, which has greatly increased the market adoption rate. Purui Optoelectronics continues the light asset operation mode, and its unique positioning can better benefit from the transition of LEDs to silicon wafers. With a position in R&D and intellectual property, Puri Optoelectronics can partner with existing semiconductor manufacturers to leverage existing semiconductor fabs through production partnerships with established semiconductor manufacturers for production costs, profitability and The return on investment has a positive impact."

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