TDK Co., Ltd. develops laminated ceramic capacitors for small mobile device decoupling applications

21ic News TDK Co., Ltd. has developed the C0402 size, the industry's highest rated voltage of 6.3V, and the electrostatic capacity of 0.22μF for the decoupling of small mobile devices such as smartphones, and started mass production in December 2012.

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Multilayer ceramic capacitor

In recent years, with the development of multi-functional mobile devices such as smart phones, it is necessary to meet the requirements of high performance of components and space saving. At the same time, in order to be able to use it under various voltages of the circuit, the versatility of the components is also required. For this reason, laminated ceramic capacitors also need to be miniaturized, increased in capacity, and improved in rated voltage.

In order to meet the above market demand, TDK has developed a material with excellent reliability by refining more than 30% of dielectric materials and pursuing refinement technology, and optimized the sintering process to maximize its material properties. At the same time, a layering process technology was established to increase the thinning limit of small-sized products by 60%. Through the above efforts, the rated voltage of 6.3V and the electrostatic capacity of 0.22μF were achieved at the highest level of the industry C0402. In the future, we will apply the technology developed this time to expand to other shapes and further expand capacity.

The product guarantees a voltage rating of 6.3V, thus supporting a wide range of voltages for small mobile devices. This product also has excellent DC voltage characteristics, and high effective capacity can be obtained with a DC voltage applied. Compared with the previous products, it is easier to reduce the package area by miniaturization and reducing the number of components.

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