Fetion student mobile terminal will be online

Fetion student mobile terminal will be online With the popularity of smartphones and continuous technological updates, the era of cloud life has officially come. The mobile phone in the hands is no longer limited to basic applications such as call text messaging. It is also a smart terminal system for multiple applications such as social networking, shopping, and travel. Therefore, many network applications based on computer platforms have also launched mobile client terminals to cater to the cloud. The characteristics of information sharing in the era.

It is reported that China Mobile’s fly-informed student who is built for the campus crowd will also launch a mobile client to make your life one step faster. As the target user group of flying letters, most of them are students. The characteristics of such people are the diversification of information needs and the rapid sharing of information. Fetion students can instantly locate the school, and when they join, they can get news of the school and alumni. . At the same time, according to individual needs, attention is paid to off-campus popular content. The emergence of the client has greatly facilitated the user community to keep abreast of the latest news, record and share their own campus mood, as the product slogn said, “Retaining every second belongs to your campus time.”

Exclusive campus

Compared to the PC side, the mobile version of the fetion interface is more accurate and user-friendly. As long as the mobile version of the mobile terminal is opened, the built-in location location can be located in the user's school, eliminating the user's trouble of searching and searching. Join the campus to have a campus-specific home page, always get new things at the school.

Personality reading

A variety of mobile applications have made mobile phones become the main source of information for users. Now, as long as you log in to the mobile version of the mobile phone, you can personally get off-campus popular information, and more than a hundred kinds of small window selections focus on your heart. At the same time can also follow the biography, you can update the decoration of their own small window world.

Record sharing

As long as the user has opened a flying letter, they can immediately have personal classmates space, even through the mobile phone, can also record and save the daily school mood. At the same time pay attention to the dynamics of the alumni around you and share some of your youth. In addition, Fetion Classmates can also be bundled with many mainstream microblog platforms, with one-stop release and full station synchronization.

According to the reporter’s understanding, Fetion Student’s mobile phone supports Android and Apple’s client. The Android version is scheduled to be launched on October 25. The IOS version will be launched on the App Store on November 2. Such a powerful and convenient application has already made Xiao Bian unable to bear it. As for what kind of surprises the client of Fetion fellow students will bring to us, let us wait and see.

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