Rejecting the concept of hype Hisense Bona smart refrigerator comprehensive "landing"

With the application of the Internet of Things technology in the home appliance industry, the broad development prospects of smart home appliances are in the midst of many enterprises, and the number of food-feeders of this cake is increasing. It is understood that the upstarts and big brothers in the industry have long been eager to move, and have launched various intelligent products, and the "smart" battle has intensified. As a domestic early intelligent strategy, Hisense's Bona series of intelligent refrigerators have been implemented on a large scale. The first batch of smart refrigerators began to enter the actual market operation in October this year, stepping into the homes of ordinary people. In the industry, there are still few smart refrigerator "landing" products, the Hisense Bona series of intelligent refrigerators represented by the IoT cloud service have achieved mass production, and at the same time, the combination of intelligent, fresh and green combination punches has opened the domestic refrigerator industry. The road to "intelligence."

It is reported that Hisense Bona series of intelligent refrigerators with the concept of "smart technology, dialogue life", embedded 10.1 inch screen on the door, equipped with Android 3.2 operating system, memory up to 1G special tablet, for the first time with the help of intelligent Internet of Things technology Realize the "food management" function of the refrigerator, and turn the refrigerator into a home intelligent terminal by means of the IoT cloud service platform. Through it, users can intuitively understand the type and quantity of food in the refrigerator at home, which is convenient for food management. In addition, it can also track and manage the user's health status, refer to the user's physique and dietary preferences, recommend a reasonable diet to ensure the maximum health of the consumer's diet, and let the refrigerator that originally stored the food become the family's nutrition. Management expert. At the same time, it cooperates with a series of practical innovative technologies and practical functions such as “live water preservation” and “360 degree vector frequency conversion” to bring about tremendous changes to the daily life of existing families.

“Since buying this smart refrigerator, life has become very worry-free. When the wife is cooking, she can simultaneously enjoy the video, don’t worry about missing the TV program; when the food “inventory” in the refrigerator is insufficient, it can automatically remind and generate SMS to facilitate purchase. In addition, the health management function is especially helpful for the 'three highs' people like me, and can customize a variety of recipes.” As the first users of Bona Smart Refrigerator, Mr. Li told reporters.

Nowadays, the wave of intelligence triggered by Apple's iPhone has swept the world, and the concept of intelligence has gradually been cultivated and penetrated in the hearts of Chinese consumers, and market demand has gradually increased. In the intelligent concept of "scarring flowers and fascinating eyes", Hisense launched a smart refrigerator product with real practical significance. With the diversification of product technology, it has won the favor of consumers and laid a new direction for the development of smart home in the future. With strong product and technology advantages, Hisense is expected to lead the transformation and upgrading of the refrigerator market.

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