China's "coal town" uses Osram LED lights as illumination sources

Recently, the Dushanping Coal Mine in Xishan, Shanxi Province, which is known as the “coal township” in China, used the Oslon Oslon SSL series LED as the illumination source, and replaced it with the traditional fluorescent lamp by using the 975 xenon lamp with 19,500 LEDs.

The borehole area of ​​Du'erping Coal Mine is 63.1 square kilometers, which belongs to high gas mine. Due to low light reflectivity, low contrast, high temperature and strong corrosiveness, underground coal mines have always been one of the most difficult applications for lighting. Today, the replacement of traditional incandescent lamps with LED lights has greatly reduced the difficulty factor of this application.

LED miner's lamp not only can significantly reduce maintenance costs and accident rates, but also save 61% of energy consumption (annual power consumption from 4.2705 billion watts to 1.7082 billion watts), equivalent to annual savings of more than 220,000 yuan (about 2.8 The cost of electricity is 10,000 euros.

The 20W LED miner's lamps are available in two shapes: round LEDs are used primarily for general lighting in underground coal mines, while square LED lights are used primarily for long-range lighting in tunnels. The light reflectance in the coal mine is low, so a light source with a very high light output is required. Oslon SSL is ideal for this application with its warm white light of 104 lm to a cool white light flux of 130 lm.

In addition to high light efficiency, these LED lighting applications can be tested in coal mines, certified by coal mines, certified by coal mines, certified for explosion protection, and tested for salt spray, water resistance and 1000 hours.

Mr. Zhong Jiecong, Senior Marketing Director of Osram Opto Semiconductors Asia Ltd. Asia, said: “It is a general trend for coal mine lighting to use LED as a light source, and it is developing rapidly. We are very pleased that China's coal provinces can adopt Oslon SSL LEDs. They are the most compact in the market. 1W LEDs; and they don't have a fragile glass casing. We hope that the use of these LEDs will reduce the risk to downhole workers."

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