China's two high-tech Golden Globe Awards for optoelectronic packaging equipment and testing equipment

On the evening of December 14, 2012, “2012 High-tech Golden Globe Award and High-tech LED Four-year Celebration Gala” was held in Shenzhen Guanlan Lake Golf Club (Dongguan Club). The theme of the conference was “Glory of the Future”, which invited nearly 350 CEOs from the LED industry to participate, including CCTV-2, Finance, First Financial Daily, Securities Times, 21st Century Business Herald, Phoenix Net, every time. Nearly 20 domestic well-known media including the network and other strong support.

2012 High-tech Golden Globe Awards - Annual LED Good Product Awards include equipment, materials and supporting categories, chips and devices, and self-recommended "Light Sources and Innovative Lighting Awards", five categories of 24 product awards, event selection Starting from November 2012, it lasted for one and a half months. Through the self-recommendation, netizen voting, product testing, and corporate publicity, the organizing committee received valid votes from 1,169 LED companies, and eventually more than 60 companies and products were selected. On the evening of December 14, the finalists launched PK on the spot. After a one-minute canvassing declaration, more than 300 LED industry chairman and CEO voted on the site and finally selected various golden ball awards.

In the PK of the 2012 LED good products that was carried out that night, the G20-LED Summit member companies won the highest number of votes in the PK of the Optoelectronics in the packaging equipment and testing equipment, and won the 2012 Gaogong LED Golden Globe Awards. . The organizing committee invited Liu Xiao, the general manager of the G20-LED Summit member company, and Mr. Zhao Jinrong, the president of Northern Microelectronics, to award the trophies for the shortlisted and award-winning enterprises respectively.
Equipment class Award-winning company Nominated company
Packaging equipment Zhongwei Photoelectric Zhongwei Optoelectronics, Sany Lianguang, Dazu Optoelectronics
Testing Equipment Zhongwei Photoelectric In the photoelectric, star spectrum photoelectric, Sany United Light

It is worth noting that the new army, known as the LED industry testing equipment, Zhongwei Optoelectronics has won the “Top Ten Local Brands” and “Best Employer Awards” in 2011.

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