2012 Air Energy Water Heater Sales Nearly 5 Billion

2012 Air Energy Water Heater Sales Nearly 5 Billion According to data provided by China's heat pump industry alliance recently, China's air-energy heat pump water heater market sales in 2012 were close to 5 billion yuan, an increase of 45% year-on-year, and the increase has exceeded 40% for many years.

The "China Home Water Heater Industry Technology Roadmap (2012 Edition)" issued in the second half of 2012 pointed out that although China's heat pump water heater market started relatively late, after nearly a decade of market cultivation, no matter from technological innovation, product category or market size There has been considerable development.

According to authoritative data, in 2012, South China's regional market in Guangdong, Central China's regional market in Hunan, East China's regional markets in Fujian and Zhejiang, and Southwestern regional markets in Sichuan, the sales of air-heating water heaters have all surpassed 200 million yuan. Anhui, Jiangxi , Yunnan, Guangxi, Hubei and other places have exceeded 100 million yuan.

Base site lead-acid battery protector system is the smart resonance pulse technique for 6V/36V cell battery or 6V/36V battery pack in series with 3PCS 2V/12V cells. It is working as a new generation of high-tech products for daily battery maintenance in telecom base site or electrical power system.
It utilizes the energy from battery self-power or floating power supply, to produce a unique smart electronic pulse, then feed back to the battery through the output line, Resonance with coarse and hard lead sulfated crystals in negative plates of batteries and converted to active substance under the reaction of pulse charging current which dissolve lead sulfated crystals, Keeping the battery working at a high efficiency. Under the disturbance by the smart resonance pulse, the new lead sulfate crystal is prevented from being formed, and the service lifespan of the lead-acid battery is prolonged 1~2 times than before.
There will be individual differences in State-Of-Capacity (SOC) and internal resistance (IR Value) of batteries after used for a certain number of years. It is called the battery unbalancing. Due to the total floating charge voltage of the rectifier remains unchanged and keeps constant, when the battery pack is in floating charging status, the floating voltage of the cells with larger internal resistance will be higher than that of the normal battery, resulting in the normal battery's floating voltage is lower. Batteries floating charged in this unbalancing way for a long time will cause the higher voltage cells seriously water dehydrated, and the lower voltage cell is in a state of under charged. This way of vicious spiral formed will accelerate the base site batteries premature failure.
Our protector system set a equalized charging function. If the terminal floating voltage of the battery system is higher than the standard value of protector system designed, the system automatically and smartly switches to the over-voltage balanced working state. When the voltage drops lower than standard value, it automatically changes to smart pulse maintaining state. The decrease of battery internal resistance and the improvement of the battery equalization lead to the battery lifespan prolonged.

Base Site Battery Protector System

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