Apple needs to think twice before pushing cheap iPhone

Apple needs to think twice before pushing cheap iPhone According to reports, rumors that Apple will launch a cheap version of the iPhone have recently attracted a lot of attention, but people can not help but ask is the cheap version of the iPhone can guarantee Apple's high profits as always? The industry believes that Apple's move is not right, the cheap version of the iPhone is not reliable, and now Apple has not fallen into tearful moment!

According to data from the analyst consulting firm IHS, the iPhone 5 has a bare metal price of $649 and a cost of $207. From the current raw materials market, the price of polycarbonate plastic is not much lower than aluminum, which means that if the cheap version of the iPhone is introduced, replacing the aluminum case of the iPhone 5 with a plastic shell does not reduce the price. The charger may be cancelled on the cheaper version of the iPhone, and the user can only charge it via the USB interface.

According to the iPad 3 and iPad mini, the 16GB WiFi-enabled iPad 3 retails for $499 and costs $316. The 16-gigabyte iPad mini costs $329 and costs $198. In other words, reducing the size of the iPad from 9.7 inches to 7.9 inches saved Apple $118. Some of the cost savings came from reusable components such as processors in other products, but the iPad mini is still an excellent one. product.

By shrinking the configuration of the iPhone and reusing components from earlier products, Apple is indeed able to launch a cheap iPhone. But in fact, Apple has been producing and selling smaller iPhones with older technology, the iPhone 4 with a bare metal price of $450, the iPhone 4S with a contract machine of $549 and the iPhone 4S with a bare metal price of $549. Both handsets have met the needs of those who want a smaller, cheaper iPhone.

Since iPhone sales have always been very good, it is difficult to make accurate predictions about the sales of a cheap iPhone, and the cheap iPhone will undoubtedly take away some of the higher-priced iPhone, just as analysts believe. Like, iPad mini has already affected the sales of full-size iPad.

Launching a cheap iPhone does bring good sales, but if Apple tries to trade up profits for market share, it can be understood that Apple is facing competition from Android, Samsung, HTC, etc., and Apple may need to think twice before proceeding. .

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