CES 2013: Hisense shows its 110-inch 4K TV

In the second half of last year, Hisense announced that it would release a 4K TV of reasonable size. At the CES 2013 exhibition, Hisense also showed more new products. Hisense's 2013 TV lineup includes the XP900 series, 65, 85, and 110-inch 4K TVs that support 3D capabilities. In addition to the ultra-high resolution, there is a 55- and 65-inch XT780 series with built-in Google TV.

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CES 2013: Hisense shows its 110-inch 4K TV

In addition, the 60-inch GF60XT980 naked-eye 3D concept model is designed to combine face tracking and 2160p HD display, while retaining the details and eliminating the need for 3D glasses. In addition, it will be paired with an MHL-capable HDMI hybrid port device of an unspecified model to meet handheld devices such as the Roku Streaming Stick.

CES 2013: Hisense shows its 110-inch 4K TV

At present, its price and specific listing date have not been announced. Hisense said that more relevant details (including the upcoming XT780 series) will still be known after technical breakthroughs.

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