CIO Talks about OA System Selection: Ease of Use

CIO Talks about OA System Selection: Ease of Use At present, with the continuous development of the OA office system market, the application of OA office systems has been widely discussed by CIOs, and the topic of ease of use has never been broken. For OA office systems, ease of use is an important quality indicator to measure their merits. As the first manufacturer in the industry to promote ease of use design, Huatian Power has repeatedly reminded CIOs that ease of use has largely determined the success or failure of OA project implementation.

The overwhelming majority of CIOs believe that enterprise informatization needs all the employees of the organization, including leaders, to truly participate, especially the collaborative OA office system that is indispensable in daily office work. However, most of the internal personnel of the organization have a large age span. Each generation has different concepts and requirements for handling. For example, leaders of the 60s are not skilled in computer operations. After 70, they like to use a keyboard. After 80 and 90, they like to use a touch screen. It is difficult to adjust the overall situation, which brings high requirements to the ease of use of the OA office system.

For CIOs, operating OA office systems with complex anomalies also means higher training costs. If the ease of use of the OA office system is poor, the user must be collectively trained. This training cost is undoubtedly relatively high, including time costs, financial costs, labor costs, hardware costs, etc., and the cost per one day of delay is very high. However, the system with low usability only needs to spend a long period of time to teach the decision-makers of a company to be familiar with it. Many companies eventually give up because the system operation is too complicated to use for all employees.

Since the ease of use of OA office systems is so important, what is the ease of use of OA systems and how can scientifically evaluate OA's ease of use? This is a question that requires deep thinking. Some CIOs say that ease of use is an objective assessment of the level of effort that users are using to smoothly use OA software. If the user can easily operate the OA system easily, it means that the software has higher usability, but the ease of use is lower.

In this regard, there are also domestic OA manufacturers agree, and further added, such as Huatian Power said: OA office system ease of use is advanced and complex technology platform and "user-oriented model" support flexible and easy to use. Only on the basis of truly satisfying the functional requirements of users, can we continuously pursue perfect user experience requirements to achieve true ease of use. The good ease of use design allows the OA system to integrate smoothly into the enterprise.

Taking Huatian Power OA as an example, in order to reduce the complexity of the operation, Huatian Power OA's interface design has taken a lot of effort, using a design view similar to the Windows window, strong versatility, friendliness, and intuitive; function menu meaning accurate, no Ambiguity, easy to understand, what you see is what you get; and, users can also use the system customization, function placement in line with the user's habits, common functions, shortcuts and important information on the home page obvious location, the user can quickly find the required Function; Users can customize the desktop, put their commonly used functions in prominent position;

In addition, Hua Tian Power also uses a template design, the interface style is exactly the same, similar functions such as news, documents, news, notices, announcements, etc., all operations pass through; and the system operation is unified, the functions involved in the attachment upload, personnel The operation modes of selection, reminder setting, and flow setting are completely unified; the use of the controls in the system is also completely consistent, such as the text input area control, date control, office control, and form control are all the same; the related operations can be implemented.

The handling of some functional details also highlights the uniqueness of Hua Tian Power OA's ease of use: there is an online reminder information help in the important input box, difficult operation and approval process interface; in some input boxes with default settings, no setting is required Can be used directly. Huatian Power OA also supports instant messaging software similar to QQ, which facilitates communication and eliminates the need to frequently log in to the WEB version of the system. It can also complete common tasks such as sending and receiving documents and messages. When batching forms, Huatian Dynamics OA can also automatically insert signatures. Signature, no manual insertion, etc.

Today, the overall functionality of the OA office system continues to expand, but CIOs continue to increase its ease of use requirements. In fact, CIOs are eager to install and operate more simplistic and fooling OA office systems. For OA office system manufacturers, it is necessary to leave the complexity to themselves when the product is developed, leaving flexibility, ease of use, and practicality for the user, providing the user with a specific operation "zero manual" and fully achieving "What You See Is What You Get" "Software that you want to see and see" can only win the hearts and minds of CIOs.

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