Second quarter demand for lighting market in Taiwan continues to grow

Second quarter demand for lighting market in Taiwan continues to grow Entering the traditional peak season of LED in the second quarter, the lighting market in Taiwan continues to grow in demand, and backlight orders are gradually withdrawn. LED chip makers Jingdian, Fuyuan, and Lunda are expected to achieve full capacity utilization, and operating performance will also be higher than that of the first quarter. Obviously improved.

Crystal spokesman Zhang Shixian said that with regard to the current overall order status, LED lighting performance is better, and some bulb customer orders visibility is even 5 to 6 months. As for backlight order visibility is not bad, some customers can reach 1.5 months, The promotion of the company's current capacity utilization rate has exceeded 90%.

Quotes are indeed improving

Jing Bing Chairman Li Bingjie pointed out that this year's quotation situation has indeed improved, with a quarterly reduction of only 3 to 5% in the second quarter, slightly better than the previous average quarterly reduction of 5%, which was significantly slower than the same period last year; Expect to improve over the first quarter.

The first quarter revenue of Jingdian was 4.323 billion yuan (NTD, the same below), which was slightly lower than the expected 4.5 billion yuan of legal persons. For profit, the legal person estimated that since the first quarter of the year, Jingdian still adjusted its coverage, it will affect The gross profit margin continues to slide, with an estimated 5.4%; the net after-tax loss is about RMB 400 million, and the net loss per share for a single quarter is RMB 0.4. In the second quarter, with the gradual completion of the adjustment of Guangsheng, Jingdian is expected to turn a profit, gross profit margin will jump to 15.5%, after-tax net profit will be about RMB 200 million, and net profit per share will be RMB 0.2.

Fu Zhenzhen, a spokeswoman for the company, said that as demand for large-size and small-to-medium-size panels has improved, the capacity utilization rate has been increased to 90% in March. In April, it is even closer to full capacity. Some of the specifications have already been in short supply.

Some specifications are in short supply

Yung-Yuan said that in terms of end-use products, the demand for backlighting and lighting including TVs and flat panels are all good. Although the quotations are still not good, the downward pressure will gradually decrease, and the product mix will be used to increase the utilization rate of the products to increase gross profit.

In the first quarter of 2013, revenue was 937 million yuan, slightly higher than the 926 million yuan expected by the legal person. The legal person estimates that the first quarter gross profit margin was about 3%, and the net after tax loss was about 100 million yuan, and the net loss per share was 0.2. yuan. In the second quarter, due to entering the peak season, single-quarter revenue will challenge 1.3 billion yuan, the gross profit margin is also expected to see 10%, and the net loss after tax is reduced to 40 million yuan.

Lunda said that the backlight and lighting needs have gradually returned to temperature since the Spring Festival. The current capacity utilization rate has risen to 70 to 80%, and order visibility has also reached 1 to 1.5 months.

In the first quarter of the year, Ronda’s revenue was 2.86 billion yuan, which was in line with the expectation of the legal person. For profit, the legal person estimated that the gross profit margin in the first quarter of Londa was approximately 9.8%, plus the extra-industry earnings of the consolidated Verizon League. Up to 500 million yuan, EPS about 1 yuan; the second quarter revenue will rise to 4 billion yuan, gross profit margin rose steadily to 12.5%, after-tax net profit estimated about 130 million yuan, EPS 0.3 yuan.

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