Lixiang Huike outdoor LED display shines in 2013 China Football Association League

Recently, Lixiang Huike outdoor LED display stationed in the 2013 China Football Association League League. The project adopts Lixiang Huike P series outdoor box screen (P20DF), featuring energy saving, convenient installation and maintenance, and large viewing angle. Real-time live broadcasts, conveying publicity information, and ensuring that each audience can feel the most. The excitement and perfection of live competition.

The leased LED display adopts a new mask design, so that the light emitted by the LED is almost zero-reflected, ensuring the display effect of the screen; the top cover design, using a soft mask and an upper cover soft material, can protect the LED light There is no obvious damage caused by the collision of athletes.

At the same time, the new structural design meets the requirements of three installation methods: fence, hoisting and stacking. It can be used in different applications for various occasions, can meet the needs of users with multiple applications, and is simple and convenient to use. The rear support frame can be adjusted. The viewing angle of the display screen can be adjusted arbitrarily to achieve the best display effect. When lifting and stacking, it can be retracted and fixed on the box body; the waterproof effect is good, and the protection level of IP65 is provided, so that the display screen is in rainy weather. Can continue to work; LED video control system with dual backup system, in the event of a failure, you can immediately switch to the standby system.

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