ST and Stollmann work together to provide a complete NFC solution

ST and Stollmann work together to provide a complete NFC solution

STMicroelectronics and communication protocol software supplier Stollmann announced a cooperation agreement, the two parties will jointly provide mobile phone manufacturers and mobile consumer electronics manufacturers with a short-range wireless communication (Near Field CommunicaTIon; NFC) interface complete software and hardware solutions.

NFC is a fast-growing wireless connection technology suitable for various consumer electronic products, including mobile phones, to achieve safe and fast wireless transmission of short-range data, such as payment and transportation ticketing applications. ST's NFC chip and Stollmann's NFC software stack have samples available for major customers to test, and provide all application programming interfaces (APIs) and implementation technologies that comply with the NFC standard including the NFC Forum technical specifications.

Within the framework of this cooperation agreement, Stollmann adjusted the portable NFC software including Java JSR-257 API for STMicroelectronics ’NFC chip features, including the extended functions that STMicroelectronics will support. ST's ST21NFCA chip can support contactless smart cards and RFID electronic tags, as well as extended wired interfaces and commonly used protocol formats. These interfaces include I2C and SPI interfaces containing ETSI HCI, and a single wire protocol (SWP) interface of a security element (Secure Element; SE). This chip supports all NFC modes such as point-to-point, card reader and emulation.

Stollmann's protocol stack facilitates NFC communication in NDEF and RTD formats, and supports direct access to existing contactless smart cards and RFID electronic tags. NFaCe + API can easily access any type of smart card. The system can also be adapted to existing interfaces such as PCSC. The protocol stack has taken into account the problem of porting to different platforms during the development process. Stollmann provides the JSR-257 implementation technology for the Java platform, which is suitable for mobile devices such as mobile phones and can support the extended functions of traditional devices.

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