News on June 25th: 3D printing is booming and power batteries get a breakthrough

Stratasys plans to acquire MakerBot, a combination of the two major 3D printing giants in the world

Stratasys Ltd., a global leader in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and MakerBot, a leader in desktop 3D printing, today signed a definitive merger agreement and announced that MakerBot will merge with Stratasys subsidiaries in the form of share swap transactions.

MakerBot, established in 2009, developed the desktop 3D printing market. By enhancing the popularity of 3D printers, it has built a strong customer base for 3D printers. Since 2009, the company has sold more than 22,000 3D printers. In the past nine months, MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printers have sold 11,000 units.

Interpretation: The prospect of 3D printing is very good, but it is difficult to commercialize in the short term due to technology, materials and cost reasons. 3D printing technology is temporarily used for experiments, and large-scale application will take time. And the target user groups are also different, which will pose a challenge to upstream manufacturers' product positioning.

At present, there are two global 3D printer manufacturing giants, Stratasys and 3DSystems, both of which are listed on the NASDAQ in the United States. Their operating income in 2011 was US $ 170 million and US $ 290 million, respectively. Stratasys' acquisition of MakerBot may be aimed at the desktop 3D printer market, targeting individual user groups.

The world's first 3D printed car Urbee2 is available and orders have been accepted

While 3D printing is changing the manufacturing process, it is time to change the way cars are produced. This is the first 3D printed car in the world. This time it is not a toy, but a car that can really drive on the road.

Urbee 2 is a three-wheeled hybrid car. All its parts are 3D printed. It has three wheels, two seats, and its oblong shape is small and cute, and it is futuristic. As the world's first 3D printed car, Urbee 2 has only about 50 parts, and a standard design car will be assembled from hundreds of parts. The body of Urbee 2 is 3D printed in one piece, and most of the other components are printed separately and then filled into the body. Among them, the engine and chassis are still made of metal, which is made by traditional techniques.

It is understood that the parts of the new Urbee3D car are produced by Kor EcoLogic in cooperation with RedEye On Demand. The whole process takes 2,500 hours. Its project founder Jim declared that if funds are available, it will take a year to make 3D CAD designs for the inside and outside of the Urbee body, one year to print and build cars, and hope to achieve mass production in 2015. Another source said it has received more than a dozen orders.

Interpretation: This car is the brainstorm product of Jim Kor and his Kor Ecologic team. They have been focusing on the future of 3D transportation. Urbee's prototype uses asb plastic's "fused deposition modeling" (fuseddeposiTIonmodelling) method. The vehicle consists of large blocks and many small blocks. According to thewire's report, the 544-kilogram vehicle took about 2,500 hours to print, and the prototype cost about $ 50,000. Perhaps 3D printing technology can really achieve the beautiful dream of "open the longest distance with the least energy consumption; minimize the pollution in the production, use and recycling process; and produce cars from raw materials near the car's origin as much as possible".

STMicroelectronics and Rambus sign comprehensive agreement

Across the field of multiple electronic applications, STMicroelectronics, the world's leading semiconductor supplier, announced the signing of a comprehensive agreement with Rambus Co., Ltd., covering FD-SOI product design, data security, memory and interface technology, expanding the existing between the two companies The scope of the authorization will solve all outstanding claims so that the two companies can seek more opportunities for cooperation.

By signing this comprehensive agreement, Rambus has the right to use ST's fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) process design environment. Therefore, Rambus' future memory and interface solutions will benefit from the small size and low power consumption advantages of FD-SOI at 28nm and below.

STMicroelectronics obtained a license agreement from Rambus's Cryptography Research Unit (CRI), allowing STMicroelectronics to deploy differential power analysis (DPA) defense countermeasures and CryptoFirewall core security technology to more products. DPA is a form of attack that monitors the power consumption fluctuations of the target object and then uses statistical methods to calculate keys and other secrets. DPA defense countermeasures can effectively protect the user's key, including the key used for banking, identity, pay TV, video games, smart phones, e-government and other application transactions.

The core of the CryptoFirewall firewall is a complete security function module implemented by hardware developed by CRI to prevent various attacks and data tampering.

Interpretation: For many years, STMicroelectronics has always used DPA defense countermeasures in secure microcontrollers, leading the field in data security. By signing this mutually beneficial comprehensive agreement, Rambus ’product technology will be widely used to improve the security of customers’ digital systems. The new licensing agreement allows STMicroelectronics to further enhance the security performance of its advanced set-top box chips and multimedia (including pay-TV) gateways.

TI's latest NFC helps simplify wireless settings for IoT

TI announced the launch of the dynamic NFC transponder RF430CL330H hardware to achieve convenient and low-cost wireless settings, and TI ’s standard NFC library for the TRF79xx NFC transceiver series-NFCLink software, which simplifies NFC based on TI embedded processors Development. This can further implement the latest Near Field Communication (NFC) innovations for TI's broad range of solutions, making it easier and cheaper to start NFC development.

The latest development NFC transponder interface RF430CL330H has a low cost, which can bring a safe and simplified Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection and pairing process for printers, speakers, headphones, remote controls, and wireless keyboards, mice, switches, and sensors. It is the only dynamic NFC tag device specially designed for NFC connection switching and service interface functions, supporting host diagnostics and software upgrades.

Interpretation: The prospect of NFC is brilliant. Many upstream manufacturers have launched their own NFC products. Large mobile phone manufacturers, such as Nokia, Samsung (Google), Research in Motion (RIM), LG, and ZTE, have also launched a large number of NFC-enabled products. product. According to research by market research company IHS iSuppli, in 2015, manufacturers will deliver approximately 550 million NFC phones. NFC technology, like Wi-Fi, will be rapidly adopted and become a trend. Wi-Fi (device) initially surged from less than 1% to 10%, and NFC phones are not very popular now, even Apple does not carry it, this will be a huge market.

The first meeting of the Electric Vehicle Standards and Regulations Coordination Group was held

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Equipment Industry Department held the first plenary meeting in Changchun since the establishment of the Working Group on the Development and Coordination of International Standards and Regulations for Electric Vehicles. The latest progress of the Working Group on Automotive Safety, Electric Vehicles and the Environment, studied the framework and main technical issues of the global technical regulations for electric vehicle safety, and the next major work of the Chinese Working Group; discussed the development of reference guidelines for electric vehicles and environmental regulations, and Suggestions for formulating relevant regulations in the future. The meeting discussed the issues related to China hosting the International Conference on the Working Group on Electric Vehicle Safety, Electric Vehicles and the Environment in October this year.

Interpretation: The non-uniformity of electric vehicle standards has been criticized for a long time. The unification of standards will effectively promote the development of the industry.

Significant breakthrough in automotive lithium-ion battery technology

The Ministry of Science and Technology website reported on June 25 that with the support of the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan 863, the project "Development of High Energy Lithium Ion Battery System and Battery Pack Technology" has made significant progress. The project aims to develop a high-energy lithium-ion battery with lithium iron phosphate cathode material, and conducts research on lithium-ion battery raw materials and battery cell design technology.

Interpretation: The breakthrough of lithium-ion power battery technology will help the cruising range, the stability and safety of the power battery, and is expected to drive the development of domestic electric vehicles.

Disaster recovery storage market scale exceeds 10 billion

At present, IT applications in China's financial industry have already entered the era of concentration, but most of the financial institutions are generally weak in data and business system backup, especially small and medium-sized financial institutions. The financial industry is concerned with national economy and people's livelihood, and is the cornerstone of social operation. It is urgent to ensure the continuity and reliability of financial institutions' business.

Interpretation: Some analysts pointed out that the domestic tens of billions of disaster backup storage market will usher in a period of rapid development.

WeChat mobile game platform opens soon

Tencent recently announced that it will turn its WeChat product with 300 million users into a mobile gaming platform, which means that many mobile game companies will enjoy Tencent's "user bonus". The entire mobile game industry is likely to be in the existing Achieve explosive growth on the basis of high-speed growth. The industry predicts that China's mobile game market will reach RMB 24 billion in 2015.

Interpretation: With such a broad market prospect, with the 300 million users currently owned by WeChat, the moment WeChat is officially launched as a mobile gaming platform, it will surely bring Tencent high channel revenue in the field of mobile games, of course, it will also give hands Tour companies bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

Motor energy efficiency improves 100 billion market to be developed

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine have recently released the "National Motor Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan (2013-2015)" to promote the development and promotion of high-efficiency motors, promote the upgrading of the motor industry, and comprehensively improve the level of motor energy efficiency. According to the goals set out in the plan, through the upgrading of motor products, it is expected to achieve a power saving of 80 billion kWh in 2015, which is equivalent to the construction of a new Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River.

According to the combined calculation, 170 million kilowatts of high-efficiency motors will be promoted and 100 million kilowatts of energy-saving technological transformation of the motor system will be implemented in the next three years. According to this estimate, the demand for high-efficiency motors and related equipment is close to 100 billion yuan. With the advancement of the energy efficiency improvement plan, the market demand for high-efficiency motors will be gradually released, increasing year by year.

Interpretation: The problem of power consumption has always been the focus of industry attention, and the future power consumption requirements for the industrial control industry will be put on a new agenda.

The first eye-tracking super pole comes out this summer

According to recent foreign media reports, Tobii Technology and Synaptics will jointly create an ultrabook prototype with built-in eye tracking technology and gaze interaction software.

It is reported that this super pole will provide a Tobii eye tracking solution, which is a preview of Tobii Gaze. This technology will be added to future notebook computers along with Synaptics' ForcePad touchpad. This prototype will not be publicly available, but the media and industry partners will be able to preview the device between summer and autumn this year.

Interpretation: Infrared technology, human eye recognition technology, these touch sensing technologies will be another bright spot of future portable smart devices.

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