Millet official new preheat: will release 60-inch millet TV?

In the first two days of preheating, the images attached to Xiaomi were SLR cameras and razors that were separated from the camera body and lens. This made it difficult to determine and speculate about what new products Xiaomi will launch. However, in the warm-up promotional map of today's press conference, we seem to have seen something.

Xiaomi continued to warm up for new products this morning on Weibo, saying “countdown to 4 days! Xiaomi’s next generation launch conference. This time it’s an amazing thing: sexy and performance, what are you looking forward to?” and the figure also shows "Woman and painting, it looks beautiful."

In the picture, we clearly see people and paintings, but we think about it carefully. Is the framed picture you want to project on television? Therefore, we integrated the preheating before, speculated that it is likely that the new millet TV is about to be launched, but this is not to look at the surface, from the ratio of people and television, millet is likely to launch more than 55-inch intelligence this time TV, and has a replaceable smart TV box, so that users can replace the TV box to make up for the lack of future smart TV hardware.

The most important display of the TV itself does not need to be replaced. Everyone knows that buying a TV is the best way to buy a screen. The screen is a more expensive natural device, so the screen is one of the fundamental factors that determine the quality of the TV. The price is far more expensive than replacing the built-in smart TV box, which satisfies the definition of “not expensive to use, affordable”.

To sum up, we speculated that if Xiaomi launched a new millet TV this time, the screen size might be 60 inches. Is it worth looking forward to? At present, these are just our speculations. We will still wait for the further news that Xiaomi has brought us.

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