LED UV curing technology for ROLAND 700 HiPrint presses

The prestigious Italian printing giant Labanti & Nanni has upgraded its existing 10-color ROLAND 700 HiPrint press to display LEDs   The proud advantage of UV drying technology.

Labanti & Nanni, based in Bologna, Italy, has confirmed the many advantages of LED UV curing technology, and LED UV curing technology has helped their ROLAND 700 HiPrint press to open up new possibilities in terms of productivity and performance.

Since its establishment in 1953, Labanti & Nanni has become an important player in the printing market in Italy and Europe. Cardboard packaging, brochures, magazines, flyers and brochures are the main products. The Italian printing plant produces 7,500 tons of paper and cardboard products per year. Labanti & Nanni has been looking for a variety of technologies to continuously improve productivity and flexibility, and to continue to grow in customer numbers through its extremely high print quality.

In recent years, in order to achieve this goal, they have made unremitting efforts, including the introduction of the most advanced printing technology, the establishment of their own research and development department, ISO12647/2 certification, standardizing its production process and so on. Recently, Labanti & Nanni installed two LEDUV drying units for the first time on its existing 10-color ROLAND 700 HiPrint press. The results show that the effect is extremely significant.

According to the test results of Manroland Sheet Printing System Co., Ltd.'s printing technology center in Germany, LEDUV curing technology is an effective energy and cost saving tool. LED drying equipment usually only requires 50% to 70% of the power of LEC-UV (a series of products of the company) and 20% to 30% of the power required by conventional UV drying equipment. Significant environmental benefits have also been achieved due to the dust-free printing process, lower curing temperatures and lower power consumption.

As for the practical advantages of LED UV, Labanti & Nanni's general manager Ing. Bonacini explains his actual experience with this technology.

“We tested different substrates with LED UV curing technology,” he said. “We tested LED CMYK spot color inks, opaque whites and varnishes by double-sided printing and achieved satisfactory results. We have been printing eight colors on 50 micron thick transparent plastic materials (1 color white + 7 colors), because the temperature of the lamps is very low, double-sided overprinting has achieved the best results. Especially on non-glazing materials, higher printing quality can be achieved - bright colors and clear outlines."

“The results in foil and plastic materials are truly impressive. Only one printing unit is required to achieve good coverage of opaque white.”

“More importantly, the LEDUV drying unit is very efficient. For standard operation, only about 40% of the LED power is needed to achieve a good curing effect. When printing a smaller format, you can also turn off a pair of led lamps . In this way, we can save more energy and costs."

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