What is the difference between LeTV 3x50 and x50 air?

Not long ago, Internet TV brand LeTV launched six third-generation super TVs, of which the most representative one is LeTV3 X50, which is better compared to X50 air, its predecessor. ? What is the difference? Below, the author will elaborate through a series of comparisons to see if LeTV Ultra 3 x 50 and x50 air are more worth buying.

LeTV 3 X50 hardware price is 3499 yuan (send one month full-screen video members), one-year membership contract price is 3689 yuan (send four months full-screen film and television members +1 year full-screen film and television members).

Letv X50 air price 2999 yuan +980 yuan +500 = 4479 yuan (send a year worth 199 yuan 4K content package), according to the author learned from the music as the latest purchase, music as X50air has suspended sales.


LeTV 3 X50:

50” LDG RGB True Color 4K Display Resolution 3840×2160 Pixel Shutter 3D LED Backlight 178° Wide Angle of View 4000:1 Contrast 60Hz Refresh Rate

LeTV X50 air:

50 inch Innlux 4K screen resolution 3840×2160 pixels shutter 3D 176° viewing angle 4000:1 contrast ratio


LeTV 3 X50:

Mstar 6A928 Professional 4K Processor 1.4GHz Quad Core Cortex-A17 CPU
Mali-T760 MP4 Quad Core GPU
4th generation image processing engine MACE-PRO4
Supports 60 frames of H.265 format 4K video hard solution integrated motion picture processing chip

LeTV X50 air:

Mstar 6A918 Professional Smart TV Processor 1.5GHz Quad Core Cortex-A9 CPU
Mali-450 MP4 Quad Core GPU
MACE-PRO image processing engine supports H.265 format 4K video hard solution


LeTV 3 X50:

Three USB ports (two USB3.0), one SD card slot and three HDMI ports (one for ARC and one for MHL2.0)
1 component interface, 1 VGA interface, 1 AV input interface 1 Gigabit network interface, 1 analog TV interface optical audio output

LeTV X50 air:

USB3.01 USB2.02 (1 at the top of the machine)
HDMI3 (one supports MHL2.0)
Super King Music King slot (connecting Karaoke plug-in)

System UI

LeTV 3 X50 equipped with EUI5.5 TV - Springer (Springer), based on advanced Android 5.0 depth customization. It pioneered multi-type desktops, and realized stream of interaction for the first time, allowing users to think it out and fully realize the content desktopization and application-oriented. Movies, sports, games, shopping, music, and other diverse contents are desktops and can be divided into groups. Operation, so that different groups of people have dedicated content desktops.

LeTV X50 Air system version is LetvUI 3.0 - "Teddy", compared with the previous LetvUI2.3 "Schnauzer" operating system, the new "Teddy" in the somatosensory manipulation, visual design, human interaction, core applications There have been significant improvements in the aspect that will give the super TV experience a qualitative leap. The author has been very smooth in the operation of the UI interface.

Sound quality

LeTV 3 X50 uses the fourth generation of magic sound system (LeTV X50 uses the third generation of magic sound system), bass, powerful. It is also the first in the world to support the latest decoding technology of Dolby Audio and DTS Premium Sound. The ultra-slim fuselage structure has excellent acoustic design, integrates 7 speakers, and creates a 2.1 stereo sound system with 40W power rating.


In terms of resources, LeTV 3 X50 exclusively enjoys the entire network of LeTV.com, movies, hot TV dramas, your favorite foreign and domestic sports competitions, animations, hilarious variety shows, documentaries, and concerts. In addition, it also cooperated with CIBN and obtained mass-produced genuine movie and TV content. Compared with the license number of XTV air for music, the television drama series is more abundant, and most of them are free. What do you think about it?

to sum up:

Overall, LeTV 3 X50 exceeds the XTV air in many aspects such as screen, configuration, interface, function, and content. Even more incredible, LeTV 3 X50's price is even more favorable than X50 air. . Obviously, LeTV 3 X50 is more worthy of your pursuit of high-end quality of life.

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