LED industry is difficult to separate the stylistic industry into the mainstream

Despite the unprecedented embarrassment of the LED industry due to product homogenization and price competition, some LED industry listed companies have significantly improved their business performance by creating dual main businesses and expanding new areas. The reporter combed the 2015 annual report and the first quarterly report of 2016 and found that while the performances of Tianlong Optoelectronics, Alto Electronics and Silan Micro have declined to varying degrees, Zhou Ming Technology, Wei Wei, Liard and Ruifeng Optoelectronics actively participated in the reform. And Wanrun Technology has achieved more than 100% growth, because these companies have embarked on a path of transformation and transformation suitable for their own development.

Double main business layout is gradually becoming a trend

Judging from the layout of some LED listed companies with strong performance growth, most of them maintain the market share of the original international and domestic LED products, and implement the strategy of dual main business and even the main business, and actively explore new profit growth points.

Taking Weiwei as an example, the company achieved a net profit of 46.373 million yuan in the first quarter of this year through the “photovoltaic + lighting” business, and increased by 933.33% compared with the same period of the previous year. According to the company's introduction, the performance has greatly benefited from the acquisition of Huayuan Xinneng's consolidation, and the company's main business has also successfully expanded to the photovoltaic power plant EPC and investment operations. In the LED business, the company is fully promoting the upgrade of the lighting business to smarter and Internet applications with higher gross margins, and expanding new "smart home" and "smart security" businesses. During the reporting period, the company's first “smart security wall lamp” launched in the North American market has achieved good market response and effect. The company will further increase the research and development of smart products and market promotion, and lead the transformation and upgrading of LED business.

For Hongli Optoelectronics, which has been focusing on the LED lighting market, the company will cultivate the second main business in the future and strive to create a dual main business form of “LED+ Internet of Vehicles”. At present, based on the LED packaging production base, LED automotive signal/lighting production base and LED general lighting production base, the LED industrial base invested and constructed in Nanchang, Jiangxi will be gradually put into production, which will provide strong support for the company's future development in the LED industry. . Hongli Optoelectronics said that the company will focus on endogenous growth and extension development in 2016, and actively seek high-quality targets in the car networking industry and LED industry, and realize leap-forward development through integration.

The LED business of Lianjian Optoelectronics accounts for only one-fifth of the current volume, and is replaced by the formation of the “Digital Communication Group”. With the enhancement of the company's marketing service capabilities, asset scale and profitability, Lianjian Optoelectronics' net profit in the first quarter reached 5,658.17 million yuan, an increase of 106.87%. During the reporting period, Lianjian Optoelectronics continued to acquire the remaining equity of Accurate Focus through its wholly-owned subsidiaries. The company's online communication comprehensive strength has been strengthened, with public relations services, Internet advertising, interactive marketing, outdoor media networks, digital advertising equipment and other core modules. The communication industry chain has been further improved.

The stylistic industry is the first choice for cross-border

In the cross-border and multi-main business layout of LED listed companies, the cultural media and sports industry have become the mainstream of their choice.

Similar to Lianjian Optoelectronics, Liard belongs to a company that has extended to the cultural media business in the current LED enterprise. Through the acquisition of Jinda Lighting, Internet Yida, Lifeng Culture, Jinlixiang and Pinon Optoelectronics, the integration effect obvious. Liard introduced the successful case of the integration of audio-visual technology and cultural creativity with the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Liard will share the brand advantages, creative advantages, product technology advantages and experience of the subsidiaries in the audio-visual culture field. Advantages, such as resource integration, to create a new "urban culture, tourism, performing arts" business model, according to the cultural tourism planning of each city, to provide "audio-visual cultural solutions" and cultural performing arts operation services for its urban cultural tourism construction. It should be pointed out that since 2016, Liard has divided the business segment into the cultural sector and the technology sector.

Also involved in cultural media is Wanrun Technology. Hao Jun, the company's director-general, said that the company began planning strategic expansion in 2013, and finally decided to cross-border Internet advertising media industry. In August 2014, it launched the acquisition of the domestic LED advertising logo lighting company, the company, and recently completed. The acquisition of two Internet media companies, Dingsheng Yixuan and Yiwan Wireless. In the first quarter of this year, the company achieved a net profit of 7.35 million yuan after deduction, a year-on-year increase of 441%.

When it comes to the cross-border sports industry, it is necessary to mention Lehman shares. As early as 2011, Lehman shares began to lay out the sports industry. At present, the company has formed a development pattern with LED as the main industry and extending to the sports media field. The company said that on the one hand, it will continue to optimize and integrate the LED business, focusing on increasing the development of overseas and high-margin markets; on the other hand, comprehensively increase the layout of the sports industry, deepen the football industry chain, and develop and develop business interests in the football field inside and outside the sea. A good sports business model, committed to improving the company's comprehensive profitability.

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