How does CoolTV switch between Chinese and English?

The users of Cool TV have opened up more than tens of millions of people, not only including men, women, children and young people, but also cross-national and foreign countries. How do foreign language friends use language barriers? Don't worry! Cool TV has built-in language setting function, you can freely switch between Chinese and English. Below, Xiao Bian’s language setting function is introduced for the TV with Cool 5.0 operating system.

Preparation: You need a Skyworth TV with CoolOpen 5.0 system or CoolTV, and you don't need to go online to operate.


Cool open TV main interface
Step 1: Turn on the smart TV, use the remote control to open the hidden function bar and select the setting option.

Cool open TV settings interface
Step 2: Select common settings on the Settings screen.

Cool open TV common settings interface
Step 3: In the refreshed TV interface, use the remote control keys to select and select the language option.

Cool on TV language switching settings
Step 4: In the setting interface, select the language that the user needs to switch.

Note: Many users have responded that they have completed the settings. Why is the language on the interface unchanged? Xiao Bian Tip: After the language is switched, you need to restart the TV to complete the language switch.

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