Put down the reserved, together with a Tucao Apple conference

Today, Apple held a 2016 autumn new product launch and launched the new iPhone and Apple Watch . With regard to the introduction and interpretation of specific products, we can focus on the topic “See you on the 7th - the topic of the Apple conference ” of Lei Feng Network (search “Lei Feng Network” public number attention) .

Just brush the brush microblogging, know almost, see all kinds of online Tucao I will rest assured. Just like Steve Jobs said during a speech at Stanford University, here today "no big deals". Next, let's lay down our seriousness and expectation, only responsible for entertainment and Tucao.

Before the start of the conference, Apple played a video of Cook's carpool karaoke in the car. Usually the unsmiling chef, Sensen, tried to sing a pop music in front of the public. At this time, Xiao Bian very much wanted to put the EU’s 13 billion tax bill in front of him and see if he could not win it.

Before the iPhone 7 debuted, netizens were so thankful that they had flowers and shouted that it was to run or slamming? Finally, the podium ran out of a Mario.

Oops, it's time for a show. It's not Thailand's first Mario, it's Super Mario. This Apple conference was Mario and Pokemon Go, and I felt I was in Japan. When the netizen expected the Japanese actresses to come out to reveal their faces, the iPhone 7 finally hit. Soon after, the netizens took a deep breath, but slowly exhaled, “Let's just watch Mario for a while...”

The best of these is undoubtedly Apple's "killer headset" AirPods.

When I saw the hair dryer, oh no, when I saw the pair of headphones, my full of blood was finally released. . . As a result, almost vomited blood died.

This design, how can you be as pure and clean as the two white lotuses in Daming Lake? Let me think back to the shuriken hand in the hair salon

After the hair is blown, one ear comes in. This service is called a heartfelt, hair salon standard

After you have finished your ears and emptied your body and put on the earrings of the king of the world, you can fit them together (Hello, demon spirit?)

There is a risk of fit, and the fit needs to be careful. Fortunately there is it:

Really a pair of headphones. I don't want to see the person who plays with you. Don't force a person who loves you to improvise.

This improvisation shows that I have committed crimes.

Let's look at the iPhone 7 Plus, which is simply a dog product: people shot off their shots, and your single dog still makes selfies every day. Fortunately, the iPhone 7 Plus is also considered very thoughtful, when you self-timer, a shot was scared to death but there is a substitute shot.

This time, the iPhone's new product has finally added a waterproof function. Cook is also a low-key, if Dong Mingzhu said in the above, certainly the first time at the scene dragged a toilet filled with water, on the spot show the phone tossed back 2 weeks and a half turn One and a half weeks diving.

And then to casually say, "I don't want to get out of the toilet, do you dare to do it?"

Well, we are not afraid but we can't get in too much.

In addition, Yan Dawei also came to the Apple conference to take a close photo with Cook. Xiao Bian concludes that it was Cooke that after he heard that China had long made a movie called “Apple,” Cook, who did not know the truth, thought it was specifically for them to shoot, so he called the man’s name to the past. gratitude……

Finally, use a picture to summarize this conference:

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