"Pokémon GO" finally got on Apple Watch

After experiencing various rumors, Pokémon GO finally launched the Apple Watch app as scheduled, allowing trainers to experience different ways of playing through Apple Watch.

NianTIc said that Pokémon GO's Apple Watch App is perfectly integrated with Pokémon GO in the phone, providing a seamless gaming experience that trainers can easily play through Apple Watch, this time released Pokémon The main functions of the GO "Watch App" are:

Every time the game is played, it is recorded as a sport and added to the activity ring of the Apple Watch.

"Pokémon GO" finally got on Apple Watch

Receive notifications on Apple Watch when there is a Pokémon nearby

Calculate the distance of the hatching egg

Receiving candy from a partner

There is a supply station nearby to display notifications and can be replenished directly on the Apple Watch.

Show notification when hatching succeeds or when a medal is received

Although the Pokémon GO Watch App is finally a happy news, it may not be the case for the power of the Apple Watch.

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