How can aerial photography be free to fly?

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The moving picture is crucial for storytelling, so camera crews use motion shots based on a premise: it helps with storytelling. Moving for mobility is not a smart move.

In this issue, we will classify the shooting modes of the side-by-side lens, and then analyze the usage of the motion lens from the perspective of the lens language.

Side flying lens

The side flying lens is a picture taken by the side view of the drone in the side of the subject. The positional relationship between the direction of movement of the drone and the subject is usually parallel and inclined, as shown in the following figure.

How can aerial photography be free to fly?

Side flying shooting environment

When there are many elements in the scene, the drone moves parallel to the scene. Such a lens can continuously display the elements in the scene, and the captured picture is extended like a picture axis, which is usually used to account for environmental information.

How can aerial photography be free to fly?

纪录 Documentary "Tian Di Xuan Huang"

Close shot in side shot

When shooting a medium shot or even a close shot, the elements in the picture change rapidly, full of uncertainty and expectation.

How can aerial photography be free to fly?

↑ Dajiang media work "Meet Hainanese", using aircraft low angle shooting

Side fly with foreground

Taking the foreground image as the starting position, the drone flies on the side, which can create a sense of expectation for the appearance of the subject, and on the other hand can show the relationship between the subject and the environment. Such lenses are usually used for shooting subjects.

How can aerial photography be free to fly?

↑ Movie "Mechanic 2: Resurrection"

100M POE Switch

100M 8+2 port passive poe switch for IP camera

STD-POE5203-10 supports data and power transmission through CAT.5 cables at the same time. And 8+2 port support fast connecting at 100/1000Mbps. It also supports long transmission distance at 250 meters both for power and data, therefore, it saves cost for the project that requiring long distance transmission through extender, fiber and coaxial cable etc. It reduces line losses effectively though 8-core cable supplying power same time. Max power for each port is 30W, which is for IP Camera and POE wirelessaccess point etc.


REVERSE POE TECHNOLOGY:8 Port 10/100 Reverse POE switch which has latest generation of fast Ethernet reverse POE switching technology. It contains 7*10/100 base T Reverse Poe ports (RPOE),1*10/100 Base date Uplink Port&12V DC out for Powering ONU.

Supports Auto-Negotiation: Each of the ports automatically detect whether connected network devices are running at 10Mbps or 100Mbps and half-duplex or full-duplex mode, and adjusts the speed and mode accordingly ensuring easy and hassle-free operation.

Supports Non-blocking Wire Speed: The switch forwards and receives traffic seamlessly with its Non-blocking wire- speed. Every port of the Switch supports speeds up to 200Mbps in full-duplex mode simultaneously, providing full wire speed to connected devices and allowing you to run a high speed network smoothly.

Cascading support: switches can be cascaded for more users per Building (Up to 1 Main+3 switches )

Port base Isolation u/Hardware VLAN: The feature of Port Isolation is implemented in this unit where in the Ethernet Date of the Uplink Port can be transferred to any of the Downlink ports but the individual Downlink ports cannot communicate with each other.

Over voltage Protection:

Over voltage Protection is provided on each date port to eliminate damage due to connection of higher voltage(Higher than 24V DC. Up to 80V DC). By mistake if user connect more than 24V POE injector then switch will goes on power off mode and will start working again once this high voltage source is removed.

Over current Protection: We have provided over current protection on each port to prevent damage to the switch in case of high current flowing due to any reason. This is provided using Resettable Fuse to facilitate easy maintenance and avoiding frequent change of blown fuse.

Product Application:

7*10/100 Base T Reverse POE Ports(RPOE) & 1*10/100 Base T Uplink Port & 12V DC Power out for Powering ONU

Product Images:

POE Switches

POE Switch,POE Switches Puzzle,POE Switches 4 Port,100M POE Switch

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