British brand Goodmans speaker blueprint evaluation evaluation ~

What I want to introduce to you today is a product I have long been waiting for. I previously saw the British brand Goodmans. It has introduced a very nice sound that perfectly combines the elements of new and old, high-tech and rustic logs, and has completely won my personal preference. So there is today an open box!

In fact, before this is not very clear Goodmans brand, completely see the photo below was moved, this sound is really beautiful ~

To a card ~

Later, I found out that the original Goodmans was incredible. Founded in 1925, it has been a brand for 91 years. It is a well-known speaker and audio manufacturer in the UK and Europe. In recent years, it has also gained a lot from consumer speakers, like the Bluetooth SoundBar and the Heritage generation of their home. , are sold very well, so it is only with today's Heritage Heritage II Connect, and Heritage Portable.

â–¼ On the left is Heritage II Connect and on the right is Heritage Portable.

Both are full-featured wireless speakers, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX IN, and FM radio/digital radio.

The main difference is that Portable has a built-in battery that you can take away!

Heritage II Connect Unpacking, Appearance, Size

Heritage II has inherited the spirit of the first generation of Heritage: style, style, function, plus more and more comprehensive wireless connectivity, so it is called Connect!

The packaging of Goodmans Heritage II Connect, red color looks very lively ~

â–¼ Outer Packages List the characteristics of the Goodmans Heritage II Connect:

WiFi wireless connection

Can be controlled through the mobile phone App

Support multiple audio playback at the same time (set via mobile phone App)

Bluetooth connection

NFC fast pairing

Support Spotify Connect

â–¼ Wrap the sides to list more features and specifications of the Goodmans Heritage II Connect. The following are not listed above:

· Support to listen to Internet radio and FM radio

· OLED panel is more clearly displayed and easy to set

· Built-in DSP digital signal processing chip for better sound quality

· Support AUX IN sound source

· There is also a headphone jack for external headphones

· Can be used as bedside alarm clock, support two alarm clock settings

Let's get out of the box! Once you open the package, there is a Spotify flyer on it!

Because Goodmans Heritage II Connect supports “Spotify Connect”, this leaflet lets you know that Spotify offers a free one-month Premium account trial that allows you to use the “Spotify Connect” feature with Goodmans Heritage II Connect!

Next we will elaborate on the function and use of "Spotify Connect".

â–¼ The sound is wrapped in a bag of woven fabrics, and the foam is fixed next to it and it is protected very well.

â–¼ Family Portrait: Goodmans Heritage II Connect Speakers, Power Adapter, User Manual, Protection and Safety Manual, Spotify Leaflet

Let's look at the details of the power adapter first, and the same power connector as the general 3.5-inch hard disk external box. Because it was just started, and Goodmans is a British brand, it is attached to plugs used in Britain, Hong Kong and other places. Different versions of the adapter will also be different.

â–¼ Product manuals are actually very simple to set up, and the instructions appear to be clear at a glance.

The Spotify leaflet mentioned above indicates that Spotify offers a free one-month Premium account trial that allows you to use the "Spotify Connect" feature with the Goodmans Heritage II Connect.

â–¼Check out Goodmans Heritage II Connect speakers!

â–¼ At first glance, the appearance of this Goodmans Heritage II Connect feels beautiful and special. The main reason is that the Goodmans Heritage II Connect cleverly used classical, classical audio or radio elements: wooden boxes, transparent screens, rotary buttons using modern materials, and adding some new technology materials into another one. The degree of appearance of the product, it is very good-looking!

â–¼ The sound-transmission network of a radio or a speaker, Goodmans Heritage II Connect presents a very texture, and even think he is a metal network ~

â–¼Goodmans This brand of London, England, which was nearly a hundred years old, put the chrome-plated Logo on the front of Heritage II Connect.

â–¼ There is no sloppy detail between the solid wood speakers and the front transparent screen.

â–¼ In addition to the metallic silver in front, mirrored black is also used.

The word "POWER" on a white background indicates that the knob is pressed next to it. Turn the knob to control the VOLUME volume.

â–¼The knob is made of metal material, with a fine groove in front, very texture!

â–¼The side of the knob has a diamond trimming design

â–¼ The Heritage II Connect uses solid wood speakers to not only make the sound warmer and fuller, but also the texture of the walnut wood is one of the sources of the Heritage II Connect texture!

â–¼ Walnut solid wood makes each Heritage II Connect different lines.

Above the Heritage II Connect, there is an N logo, indicating that an NFC sensor chip is built under this side. If your phone supports NFC Near Field Sensing pairing, just connect the phone to it and it will be paired up. It's very convenient!

â–¼ Looking at the Heritage II Connect from the side, you can see that the overall appearance of the speakers of the Heritage II Connect is not square. The left side of the photo is the front, with a slightly upward-looking appearance.

â–¼ Next, look behind the Heritage II Connect and lock the back panel to the speaker with ten screws.

In addition, some people may think that speakers like this should have the appearance of a single hole in the speaker. This side should be added. The air hole of the speaker is also called the reflection hole. Its role is to extend the volume of the speaker. Will meet the volume parameters of the speaker unit. However, like the Goodmans Heritage II Connect, its internal unit has already met the volume parameters in the existing speaker volume, so it is not necessary to design a single vent to produce the desired sound quality and effect.

â–¼ come back later. From left to right: headphone output jacks, AXU IN voice input jacks, power jacks, USB jacks (used only when the computer updates the firmware) are fairly simple.

There is also a retractable antenna above the â–¼, which helps to collect signals when the Heritage II Connect wants to listen to FM radio.

â–¼ When the antenna is exposed, it is pretty cute.

â–¼ Scroll to the bottom of the Heritage II Connect with only four rubber feet.

How big is the size of Goodmans Heritage II Connect?

When you compare the MacBook Pro Retina 15 inches, you can know the approximate size. The width will be close to MacBook Pro Retina 15 inches.

â–¼ About two-thirds the height of the MacBook Pro Retina 15 inches.

â–¼ It is a medium-sized speaker and horn. It is a suitable size for the table, shelves, cupboards, and nightstands!

â–¼ Closer, look at the details of several Goodmans Heritage II Connect, really beautiful and texture!

â–¼Testing these days, putting Goodmans Heritage II Connect on the table really feels more and more beautiful~

Then will upload function evaluation ~ Mody.

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