ASUS AFX FX-PRO Flight Fortress Gaming Notebook First Experience


In 2016, he wrote an original article on the ThinkPad T420 series. However, this notebook is too old. Although his beloved wife is a beloved wife series, she is a dual-core, four-threaded processor, and today's 6-series love house. The processor is already quad-core and quad-threaded. Performance, in addition to listening to songs on the Internet, for the game, basically equal to delusions. Wanted to write a third article of the T420 promotion, there is a graphics card external program, in the richest of the richest home has a EXP GDC's stuff, can make notebook external graphics regain new life. However, for my hard-to-find desktop, if you want to add an external graphics card to your monitor and laptop, it would be a delusion. Thus, purchasing a game that can play games and take into account productivity tools (basically no reason, lazy) is on the agenda.

Gossip less Syria, choose the notebook's mental path is this, open Jingdong Mall, the family leader said the budget must be controlled within 5,000, OK, screening conditions, the first price is chosen below 5000, followed by memory 8GB, there is no significant, Have! OK, in this way, the configuration of Asus Flying Fortress FX-PRO has entered the range to be selected, looked at the configuration is quite good (i5-6300HQ/8GB/1TB/GTX960M 2G alone significant), if later equipped with SSD hard drive, the price is exactly 4999 yuan.

ASUS Flying Fortune Edition FX-PRO 15.6-inch gaming laptop (i5-6300HQ 8G 1TB HDD GTX960M 2GB GDDR5 alone) 4999 yuan Jingdong direct link

Take a picture out of the box, walk:

Jingdong not kindly set the spike activity at 14 o'clock the next day on my order, 4988 yuan, 11 yuan cheaper, but did not wait for this 11 yuan discount directly orders, Jingdong delivery really fast, the first night of the next single, second The delivery has already begun in the afternoon, so it is still worth!

Jung-dong's very kind, even with the express delivery of paper box packaging, did not use plastic bags. However, it was learned from Jingdong's deliverymen that Jingdong's own logistics was very professional. It was an overall logistics package and there would be no violent delivery. Therefore, most of JD's own logistics and transportation are without problems.

I always think that the outer packaging is also a part of the marketing quality of the product. Poor packaging will certainly result in poor product quality. The outer packaging of the flying fortress made me feel very nice, it is in line with its product positioning, and people are looking forward to their internal products.

The back of the element is a flying fortress point of view, not only free wheat coffee antivirus software, but also a set of OFFICE365 student packages, to know that this set of genuine software also have a hundred dollar notes, although some value-friends believe that piracy can be used However, I do not know that we have to support genuine, genuine value is also included in the machine.

The upper part of the box does not have any useful information. It just makes the package feel empty and looks better.

The left bar code is mainly Mac machine code information, sn information.

The detailed configuration list of the packaging machine behind the packaging machine is the same as that on the left side. It is also the machine SN code, Mac code and so on. It is very comprehensive.

The upper part of the package is affixed with ASUS tear-proof stickers. After tearing, it cannot be restored and ASUS logos will remain. Here, Zhang close-up is not to be used as a second-hander.

Finally, after the end of the addiction, it was still very exciting to open the box. The design of the box is fairly passable and can protect the machine from the impact of the A side and the D side.

Open the lower space of the box, there are three separate spaces, respectively placed power lines, power supplies, Asus cable harness, machine instructions. The laptop battery is placed on the front.

To take a photo of ASUS, ASUS's box is just a few of these things. Looks like the battery is a bit small.

Open the notebook and place a layer of non-woven fabric on the notebook keyboard to effectively protect the security between the keyboard and the screen during transportation.

The picture shows the maximum opening and closing angle of the flying fortress notebook. It seems that in the past few years, the maximum angle of opening and closing of the screen is not emphasized. One of the propaganda points of the previous black is to open and close 180 degrees, which is convenient for sharing during the meeting. Now think about it, it is really nothing. use.

The right side of the notebook interface, respectively, Kingston lock hole, drive position, USB interface, microphone interface, headphone jack. Relatively speaking, this machine is still quite thin.

The left side interface is relatively rich, with the latest USB type C interface, an HD video interface, RJ45 network interface, and two USB interfaces. The manual indicates that these two interfaces are USB3.0 interfaces.

The C side of the flying fortress is made of metal-plastic material (there is doubt here, and there is no official explanation). The overall interface is relatively clean and tidy. However, in actual use, it is simply a fingerprint collector, and it is easy to contaminate fingerprints. It is recommended that if the palm is used for a long time. Drag the user, the C side must buy a notebook sticker as well.

Flying Fortress emphasizes the game elements, so you can see the AWS D keyboard's light color of the keyboard is darker and more game-like. The key process is also good, bouncing back and rebounding is very agile.

Some people like to have a sticker on this position. Someone doesn't like it. I think if it's bare, it's not good to advertise that it's the advertising banner for "New Intel, what you want, hot power."

ASUS advertises itself as a second-generation flying fortress machine, with new mold upgrades, metal shell material, and stealth fighter streamline styling (this is not really seen). The armored Aegis has a shape design and a stronger combat capability (ASUS will not blow to death series)

The C side of the Flying Fortress is a Mayan totem line. I think this design looks a lot better than a generation of aircraft stickers. Of course, this is a personal preference. Maybe someone prefers a style like that.

The details on the left and right, the lines give people a feeling of more technology. It's a bit like an integrated circuit board. The official introduction is the film printing process. Feel more feel.

The external battery adopts an independent packaging. When it is used, it can be inserted into the body. If you have a digression, the notebook will not be used for a long time. You should remove the battery and save it independently.

Power lines and power supply work well, the weight is more serious and down, carrying power is also one of the burden.

The touchpad feels good, and the sensitivity in actual use is good. There are no left and right buttons. The overall style is in line with the “flying fortress”.

Above the screen is a high-definition camera (officially 720P), two-hole microphone, now dual-hole pickup technology is standard, unlike previous notebook single-hole pickup, poor sound quality.

Palm forward light, respectively, is the power indicator, battery identification (no battery, so it is not lit), hard disk identification, flight mode, lock screen mode.

The first boot interface, the first boot is slow, mainly pre-installed system, so the first boot requires waiting for a while.

Flight Fortress II pre-installed is win10 Home Edition, the first boot needs to be set.

The hateful thing is that win10 needs to be updated to the latest version, so this process is very long, it takes about two hours of automatic updates to get to the desktop.

Finally came to the desktop, ASUS pre-installed software a little more, but if necessary, do not have to uninstall.

The machine is pre-installed with genuine WPS software and genuine office2016 student edition. Both have their own advantages. If you like, you can keep them.

Flying fortress with red backlight, three adjustable brightness, this picture shows mid-range brightness, does not feel harsh

Individuals prefer darker white backlights or blue backlights, and reds always feel weird.

Shangluo Master Lu took a look at the configuration, you watch the officials, entertainment is good, do not seriously.

The new computer runs at about 120,000 in Master Lu's running.

This is the black T420 running points, even if the i7 processor plus SSD blessing, no one home six generations of i5 processor running more points

The 6th generation i5 is a 4 core 4 thread. My 420 notebook is an I7 processor, but it is a dual core 4 thread. The technology is really behind.

The same 8GB memory, there is still a gap between the DDR3 and DDR4 running points.

This hard disk can only be used as a storage disk. As a system disk, the performance is very general. It will explain to you how to add a solid state disk.

Flying Fortress second-generation graphics card, ASUS has 1050 blessings of discrete graphics these days, and of course, the price of 2,000 more expensive. (whether value, look at personal wallet)

The screen is AUO screen, full HD screen, ASUS official said, Flying Fortress developed ASUS Splendid smart enamel technology, will automatically fine-tune the various display settings to all types of images presented in an optimal manner.

How to change the memory and hard disk of Fortress

This machine's original configuration list, the hard disk is a short board, in the future will definitely need to replace the solid state hard drive, let's talk about how to replace the memory and solid state hard drive, the official promotional map shows that the replacement is extremely simple, the fact is also true, just screw Open two screws.

On the D side of the Flying Fortress, Maya designs are also designed. It has a sense of science and technology (it's better than nothing).

Unscrew the top two screws, the following are the buckle design, you can rest assured that open (of course do not vigorously miracle, but also will spoil the bad), in the lower right side is the location of the solid state drive, the top of the machine there is a warning The slogan, this slot only supports 2280-size SSDs with M2 interface. Be sure to remember that you should not buy it wrong.

Plextor M7VG 256G M.2 2280 SSD 609 yuan Jingdong direct link

Remember that this kind of solid-state hard drive can be easily replaced and installed. Simple humanity.

The memory slots are two, a single slot supports 8GB of memory, maximum support for 16GB of memory, the machine has been pre-installed with an 8GB modern memory, you can buy a 8GB memory to form a dual channel.

Lenovo (ThinkPad) original notebook memory 4 generation DDR4 2133 Lenovo 16G DDR4 2133 notebook memory ThinkPad T460P1299 yuan Jingdong direct link

Jingdong did not find the memory of Hynix and posted a black memory for everyone. Generally, the compatibility with the chip is better. Of course, Jingdong's self-support can also be returned within 7 days without any reason.

to sum up:

Interested friends can refer to the Flying Fortress generation's out of the box:

ASUS ASUS FX-PRO flight fortress game notebook old and new contrast out of the box I also count as ASUS old powder, 2011 (a freshman) and a small partner to buy ASUS k42jv (i3380M + GT335M), the current veteran is still alive, upgrade For SSDs and memory sticks, which can be used for a few more years, if you want to upgrade your old books or relocate your system, click here to "Upgrade SSD and System Relocation." Upgrade ASUS old version - SanDisk SSD + Win7 system relocation upgrade ASUS old - SanDisk S... Buenos Aires M| Likes 8 Comments 29 Favorites 15 View Details

Routine, first talk about the shortcomings and say the advantages:


Although the workmanship has been upgraded from a generation ago, the workmanship is still normal. The C-plane palm drag section is a fingerprint collector.

We have an intuitive impression of the previous picture.

The capacity of the battery is small. This is about the same capacity as the generation. When you go out or the hostel is out of power, a friend who wants to rely on the battery can wash and sleep.

The B side and D side of the notebook are made of plastic material, and the anti-collision capability is general. The material of the C surface is unknown. Feel like metal.

There is a 4GB version of the discrete graphics card, but the price is higher and the price/performance ratio is average.


Compared to the first generation, the A-side uses a full-metal shell to provide a more level feel.

The red 3 dimming design is more in line with the environmental requirements of student dormitories.

The C side is more technically based on the Maya grain design.

Compared to a generation of screen gaps, the second generation really improved.

The overall appearance is cool.

Buying advice: Computer laptops have always strictly followed the principle of a penny-a-delivery product. Want to think of a cool and handsome machine? It can be said that manufacturers will inevitably castrate some functions to achieve a balance between profit and machine functions. Therefore, just for this set of machines, in order to get similar ROG quality at the 4999 price, there is still a certain distance. But personally feel that the price of the machine shape can do this cool, Asus and then put the "hard rock" quality spirit into one point, give consumers more real, I think Flying Fortress series machine will go Farther and better.

Finally, as the first article of 2017, I would like to thank everyone for the old age and love you. !

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