High-power LED lighting applications fell 17%

According to the LED industry research institute LEDinside survey, LED TV adjustment stocks affected by the third quarter, LED prices have a larger decline, large-size panel applications LED decline of about 11% to 16%; and high-power LED lighting applications more than a drop 17%, it is estimated that in the fourth quarter, the use of backlighting for television will probably be reduced by about 10%.

LEDinside said that the demand for large-size backlight applications has plummeted, leading to price pressure reductions for LEDs. The mainstream LED specification for TV backlight applications has been reduced by more than 10%, and the price is between US$0.17 and US$0.12; computer-related backlighting applications, including laptops and LCDs. The display screen has a price drop of between 12% and 16%. Only mobile phone backlight, due to relatively stable demand, the price is only seasonally reduced by 3% to 4%.

In lighting applications, in response to the market's demand for lower lighting prices, the prices of high-power LEDs for lighting in the third quarter have fallen sharply. LEDinside analysis, the third quarter of the new project planning and related demand is not as expected, coupled with new production capacity one after another, the gap between supply and demand was significantly enlarged, making the LED prices have a more serious decline.

The fourth quarter LED prices that the market is most concerned about are still not seeing the need for large-size backlighting. As the fourth quarter is the traditional seasonal season, the lighting demand is not rising, and the price pressure is not small. It is estimated that there are nearly 10% of the price. The drop is expected to be stable in the first quarter of next year, driven by new LED TV demand.

Organized chamber for housing connectors and splice units
1. Rack mount panels is usually 19 or 23-inch universal width
2. Height of patch panel can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 6u and more
3. Opening of the optical fiber patch panels can be sliding cable or fixed or revolving:
4. Pigtails melted and splicing with fiber cables of (maximum) 12cores in cabinet from upper outlet
5. Connecting optical fiber and equipment of central office, patch cords connecting with pigtails through FC, SC ,LC adapter

The product type:(12c.24c.48c.72c.96c.144c,288c)ODF unit.
◆specifications:19〞standard install
â—†Material: Adopt the thickness of 1.5 mm cold plate is made, epoxy electrostatic plastic spraying, good appearance, easy to use
â—†Use Condition:
*Working Temperature:-10°C~+40°C
*store Temperature:-25°C~+55°C
*Related Humidity:≤85%(+30°C)
*The atmospheric pressure:70Kpa~106Kpa
â—†photoelectric properties
*working wavelength :850nm.1310nm.1550nm
*insert loss:≤0.5dB
*return Loss:PC≥40dB.UPC≥50dB.APC≥60dB
*dielectric withstanding voltage:≥3KV(DC)/1min;
*Insulation resistance:≥1000MΩ/500V(DC)
*Life Time:≥1000times
*Shelter plate of fiber bending radius:≥40mm]
â—†mechanical capacity
*Combustion performance of plastic parts can demand of GB51697-85
*Optical fiber through the metal plate hole fashion have a case, the fiber core, tail fiber radius of curvature is greater than 37.5 mm
*Cable into the chassis, the radius of curvature is greater than 15 times of cable diameter
*Adopt the thickness of 1.5 mm cold plate is made, epoxy electrostatic plastic spraying, good appearance, easy to use
*With cable fixed and protection function
*With functions of fiber optic cable terminating
*Optical fiber core and tail fiber protection function
â—†Range of application
*To the community, suitable for optical fiber optical fiber to the building, the remote module and wireless base stations of small and medium-sized wiring system

Fiber Optic Distribution Unit

Fiber Optic Distribution Unit,19 Inch Rack Mount Odf,Fiber Optical Patch Panel Odf,Fiber Optic Patch Panel

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