High-brightness LED will shine in the market in the next five years

In order to promote the development of local chip packaging and application of LED technology, and strengthen the technical cooperation between the upper, middle, and downstream enterprises in the LED industry chain, Xiamen has also organized related companies to conduct seminars on many occasions, and is recommended by the city's optoelectronic technology experts. There are 11 companies adopting real estate. The LED street lamps and indoor lighting fixtures produced by the chip were sent to the city's LED inspection center for product testing. After application, demonstrations were made in the Office of the Science and Technology Bureau, Luling Road, and Yuehua Road.

High-brightness LED will shine in the market in the next five years

With the continuous development of LED lighting, Bob SteELe, head of the optoelectronics division of Strategies Unlimited, spoke at the "Strategies in Light" conference and made predictions on the HB (high-brightness) LED component market. In 2011, exactly, in the next five years, the backlight market has a promising market, and more and more general lighting sectors have shown strong growth momentum throughout the forecast.

This forecast is mainly for the packaged LED market. Overall, Bob Steele predicts that in 2010, LED market share will surge by 53% to reach US$8.2 billion. By 2014, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the LED market will increase to 30.6% to reach US$20.2 billion.

Bob Steele said that in 2009, Strategies Unlimited predicted that in 2009, the LED market had a 5% decline. In 2009, the LED car market segment fell by 18%.

For other application areas, due to the increase in sales of packaged LEDs, the general lighting market segment has driven its market growth by 24%. Mobile devices boosted sales of LEDs by 2.8%, and mobile devices are the largest application area for high-brightness LEDs.

In terms of practical use of LEDs, sales of medium-power LEDs have soared by 152% as television manufacturers have adopted medium-power LEDs. Bob Steele said that previously, automotive manufacturers have been using medium-power LEDs.

Looking ahead, Bob Steele predicts that LED backlighting will continue to emerge in large numbers. He pointed out that some analysts expect that in 2010, LED-backlit TV shipments will reach 39 million units. The potential bottlenecks include the premium of LED-backlit TVs and the potential shortage of LED market supply. Therefore, the development prospects are also very important.

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