Portable Stage Deck from RK

RK has a large selection of professional aluminum framed stage decks. Mobile stage with aluminum foldable risers The specifications are as follows: Dimensions: 3x3ft, 4x4ft, 1x1m, 2x1m,1x0.5m Material: Wood Color: Black with anti-slip finish Load bearing capacity: 750kg/sq.m Thickness:18mm, 30mm This is a modular system and multiple unites can easily to joined to make a large area. We can also supply complete systems with steps or safety rails. Each deck fits a specific riser system that are available in 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100cm heights. Perfect as single risers or for use as larger stage applications. They are lightweight and easy to manage. Welcome to contact Anita form more details. Email: sales05@beyondstage.com Phone:86-15118837515 Skype: bgtsports4 Website:www.beyondstage.com