Industrial lighting Chengdu has exceeded the annual sales task

As of 2007, the industry has entered the Chengdu market for nearly seven years. It is reported that the annual sales of karma in the Chengdu market are increasing. With the brand planning of EV manufacturers and increasing the power of professional media, it has gradually established a good reputation in the industry. According to Jiang Yongjun, the head of the Grid Chengdu Logistics Center, the sales task of EA in Chengdu this year was 6 million. At the end of October, the financial statistics were carried out. Statistics show that the annual task has been exceeded. Among them, retail accounted for 20%, engineering accounted for 70%, and small businesses accounted for 10%. Jiang Zong said that this year is a good year for Sichuan's sales completion. It has undertaken relatively well-known projects in Sichuan, such as Panda City, Tibet Hotel, Dujiangyan Lanqiao, Renhe Spring (Wenjiang) Shangdong Sunshine, Chengdu Military Region Politics. Ministry, Sichuan University, Chengdu Labor Bureau, Sichuan Statistics Bureau Building, Provincial Public Security Department, Chengdu Development Committee, Hongqiao Chain, Jiuzhai Paradise, etc.

In the end, Jiang also revealed to reporters that the next step is to adjust the market adjustments to some small businesses that are responsible for the agency industry to protect the interests of large businesses. In addition, the development of invisible channels such as engineering companies, large decoration companies, and architectural design institutes will be strengthened.
Shifu Solar's projects in Hubei have been successfully completed. Nuoke Lighting has completed 330,000 sales (Figure) Huahui Lighting Marketing Center moved back to Shunde (pictured) to build LED industry for the photovoltaic industry in the west. Philips ActiLume landed in China (Photo) Yuanguang Yaming Electrical Appliances Digital China ERP Reading era
Pay attention to the National Light Games crystal lamp blockbuster: color ring electronic technology building energy-saving renovation lighting control technology


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