Lianfeng Electrical Appliances Market Promotion Switch New Product Extreme Series

Recently, Ningbo Lianfeng Electric has promoted the new series of “Extreme” series in the market. The series has made bold innovations in terms of shape, structure and materials, and has won the favor of consumers. According to the manager of Xie Debin, the general agent of Lianfeng Electric, Ningbo, he has been acting as the agent of Lianfeng Electric for nearly two years, and can complete the sales task of one million yuan every year. Lianfeng's new "Extreme" series gives a sense of luxury and atmosphere in terms of visuality, feel and quality.

It is reported that the "Extreme" series of switch main body adopts all steel frame structure, the back seat adopts transparent PC material, the copper piece adopts tin phosphor bronze green material, the materials are exquisite, and the workmanship is fine. It is Lianfeng following the development of "Lianwei" and "Liancai" Another new highlight of the series, its longer life and more secure, six colors highlight the fashion and personality.
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