Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces Single-Wire Programmable LED Driver

Fairchild Semiconductor's FAN5645 single-line programmable LED driver provides a flexible and compact solution for flashing LED indicators. The device records flash mode, reducing the need for continuous control of the system processor. The FAN5645 consumes very little current (typically 33μA), which significantly saves battery power compared to the system processor's mA-level power dissipation. The LED driver FAN5645 can work independently, eliminating the need for an interrupt driven processor to control the LED blinking sequence, freeing up processor bandwidth.

Available in a compact MLP 3.0mm x 3.0mm package, the FAN5645 is ideal for space-constrained portable devices or battery-powered products such as cell phones, toys, home appliances, mobile products, Bluetooth and rechargeable flashlights. The FAN5645 uses lead-free terminals with moisture-sensitive characteristics and meets the lead-free reflow requirements of the IPC/JEDEC joint standard J-STD-020.

The FAN5645 is priced at $0.65 per thousand quantities and is available for samples and 8-10 weeks delivery.

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Curved Led Display

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