Fine art photoelectric Tang Jianming: Ten years of grinding a sword


In the long darkness of pursuing light, mankind has created many classic and fascinating stories: from chasing the sun to the bright sunbirds to the Kuafu who crossed the mountains and seas; from the rumored fire, the gods nailed to the cliffs and the weather-beaten Prometheus Xiusi to preserve the thunder fire, drill and pick fire; from Edison's invention of electric lights to the excellent evolution of today's generations, Canghai Sangtian, the sun and the moon reincarnation... Entering the seductive new century, a new LED light source sweeping the world The technological revolution has flourished, and the trend of relying on technological innovation to drive economic and social development has become increasingly unstoppable.

Faced with the high-tech market of new light sources at home and abroad, such as Shangqihun hunting and wolf smoke, a group of people of insight in China follow the development direction of new LED light sources in the world. The ancestors stand on the same starting line to participate in international competition, just like the sunbirds. ??, as the Kuafu chasing the sun, China's optoelectronic experts, Hong Kong Jingshi Optoelectronics Technology Lighting Group, Shenzhen Jieliang Optoelectronics Technology Lighting Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Tang Jianming is one of the best. After 10 years of painstaking research, the universal LED fluorescent lamp developed by the company has obtained 5 national intellectual property patents (l: [ZL200620058906.X, ZL200530059719.4, ZL200630063045.X, ZL200520059101.2, 200720052451.5,)) and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Trademark patent, a PCT international patent, and successfully passed the FCC CE CCC ROHS certification and EMTEK CNAL AL ​​MA test. Universal LED fluorescent lamp is super energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly. Its appearance has broken the bottleneck of fluorescent lamp brightness, filling the gap between international and domestic lighting energy-saving industry, and its application has become the second revolution in the history of modern lighting.

Burning entrepreneurial passion

In the late 1980s, an occasional opportunity, Tang Jianming, who was still engaged in electrical repairs, was exposed to light-emitting diodes in the electronics market, which is often referred to as semiconductor lighting LEDs, and produced a strong interest. He went to a Xinhua Bookstore and tried to buy a book of new light source knowledge and returned to his home to study. The result was not as expected. Later, he visited the physics teacher and photoelectric expert to learn about the origin and development history of LED light source. Environmental protection and energy saving advantages have some obvious understanding. He is a bloody man with a lot of national integrity. When he hears that LED new light source technology is completely controlled by foreigners, a sense of national responsibility has risen, so he has developed a bold idea: to get involved in the lighting industry, develop LED Light source products, committed to catching up with the world's advanced level, glory for the country, and glory!

It is easy to develop LED light source products. The problem is piled up like mountains. Where did the money come from? Tang Jianming was born in 1964 in an ordinary peasant family in Anxian County, Sichuan Province. His ancestors lived in the water and sought life in the most direct work with the posture close to the earth. Complete, sunrise, sunset, and indifference to poverty is the sacred life of his ancestors, willingly bear hard labor in its palms, without leaving him savings; after graduating from college, he achieved social The qualification certificate for running a school has been engaged in the training of electronic technology professionals in my hometown. I can only say that there is no worries about food and clothing, and there is very little money left. "Relying on training and labor to accumulate funds to develop LED light source products, the pace is too slow and too heavy." He thought: "It is better to take a look at the young and outside, and perhaps to find a world of your own!"

In the early spring of 1991, Tang Jianming left the homeland and set foot on the hot spot of entrepreneurship in Shenzhen. In order to realize the dream of the heart, like most entrepreneurs, relying on working to accumulate funds, relying on professional technology to be a sound equipment engineering designer in Shenzhen Nankai Electronics Group. At the beginning of 1997, he had an entrepreneurial capital and founded an electronic mechanical design and development engineering company, which mainly developed, produced and sold automatic control circuit boards for shoe-making machines. After more than two years of hard work, the company has been in good weather all the way, the production of shoe-making circuit boards using programmable controller control, the use of a number of advanced technology in the line design and software programming, so that the product has a perfect movement, cycle program Control, digital metering, complete circuit protection system, automatic temperature control and many other features, the market is favored by users. By the summer of 1999, he had accumulated nearly 2 million yuan of original capital!

If Tang Jianming runs the company as always, there is no doubt that he is now the big boss of the rich side. He has a house, a factory, a small car, and has completed the transformation from poverty to riches. It’s not his life’s position to make money. His heart is still there, his dreams are also there, his ambition is not retreating, his passion is burning. He decisively shut down the electromechanical design and development engineering company, re-integrating resources and reorganizing funds. Undoubtedly, the company entered the lighting industry. On September 1, 1999, Jingshang (Dongguan) Optoelectronics Technology Lighting Co., Ltd. was born in Shigu Town, Nancheng District, Dongguan City.

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