Qinshang Optoelectronics was included in Dongguan to cultivate listed companies

Recently, the Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau issued a notice on 12 companies, such as Qinshang, who have confirmed that they are focusing on cultivating listed backup technology companies. In the notice, Qinshang was listed as the first in the list of the first batch of key backup technology companies.

All along, Diligence attaches great importance to the company's technological innovation and its own brand building. It has more than 200 international and domestic patents. It has always maintained a leading domestic level in LED semiconductor lighting packaging and application, and established Dongguan Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Engineering Center, Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Engineering Center, Dongguan Qinshang Semiconductor Lighting Technology Research Institute, and has been recognized by the government and relevant departments as Guangdong high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises, private technology enterprises in Dongguan, and Changping Town. Recommended excellent technology companies. At present, the preparatory work for the listing on the job is being carried out in an intense manner.

It is reported that the main task of Dongguan City to encourage the listing of science and technology enterprises is to establish a working mechanism for the listing of technology companies, and to build a reserve team of 10 to 15 listed technology companies in the city to accelerate the establishment of industry, product and brand advantages and enhance the status of the industry. . Technology companies entering the listed backup technology team will be able to obtain the corresponding government policies and financial support.

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