What we do?

Hongbao Group, play the roles of not only a professional Voltage Stabilizer, AC Voltage Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Electronic Voltage Stabilizer, Contact Voltage Regulator, Automatic Voltage Switcher, Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer, Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer, voltage Transformer,switching power supply,solar inverter,solar controller,inverter and charger,EPS,led power supply,led light,relay,contactor,distribution box, UPS manufacturer, but also a good service supplier. As being a manufacturer, we has advantages of Short New Product Design Circle, Components Purchasing Control, Course of Production Control, Quality Inspection before Shippment and etc. We will strictly follow our quality inspection standard to gurantee all the quality products will be delivered out. As being a service supplier, we has more advanges on effective communication, order tracking, production monitoring, technical points discussion, technical supports, after sales service etc. Further more, Neopower also offer FREE sourcing services on the products we familiar with. Especially in local resources about high & low voltage products, such as High Voltage Transformer, Distribution Switchgear, MCBs, AC Contactors and special Voltage Stabilizer etc. We will do our best to help sourcing for those who is supporting our business all the time.