Common development is a win-win situation

-- Interview with Hu Zhongbao, general manager of Changzhou Tongfa Lighting Co., Ltd. / The newspaper resident in Changzhou, Shen Yong, has a small number of lighting companies that embed the business concept in the company name. Changzhou Tongfa Lighting (to work together and develop together) is one of them. The general manager of the company, Hu Zhongbao, said this, and even more so. He insisted on his own ideas for many years, and as a result, he also established his position as a top 500 distributor in the lighting industry, and his partners have developed well.

Manufacturers, employees, and customers are just as important. Thanks to the contributions of the employees who have come together over the past few years. ——Wu Zhongbao’s character impression interviewed Hu Zhongbao, he said more about his partner, and repeatedly, the article also said that the partner is good, its words and deeds, moving. At the end, he still did not forget to say the last sentence: "I hope to cooperate with more stable management and honest manufacturers to create brilliant!"
Rooted in Changzhou, stable development
In 1991, Wenzhou businessman Hu Zhongbao began his career in selling lights in Hengyang, Hunan. Then, after he went to Liaoning Anshan for more than ten years, he saw the development potential of the Changzhou lighting market in Jiangsu Province. In addition, many fellow villagers gathered here. He moved to Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in May 2003, and the lighting fixtures were officially settled in Changzhou. .
After coming to Changzhou, Hu Zhongbao established a cooperative relationship with Marantz who made the glass lamp. The cooperation was more than four years and continued until now. At the beginning, Hu Zhongbao believed that Marantz's focus on glass lamps would have great potential for development in this field. In the past two years, many manufacturers have been eliminated in the glass lamp industry, and Marantz has achieved a steady improvement, continuously expanding its product line, improving its services, and slowly climbing to the leading position of glass lamps. In the process of cooperation with Marantz, just as the “win-win is our common goal” pursued by Lighting, Hu Zhongbao always adheres to the concept of common development of manufacturers. Hu Zhongbao believes that Marantz's low-key and pragmatic style is in perfect harmony with the same lighting, and the corporate culture is similar. Both sides belong to the "conservative strength faction", emphasizing the steady and steady, step by step, and pursuing a "stable" development. As Hu Zhongbao said, the manufacturers have stabilized their own stability, and their own stability has led to the steady development of the customers below. Nowadays, the growth rate of glass lamp enterprises has begun to slow down, but the same lighting and Marantz still maintain a strong momentum, against the market. In this process, they have always adhered to the principle of steady operation and sustainable development, and they are not seeking for greater efficiency.
Self-confidence insists that the successful bosses in the market are all extraordinary. For Hu Zhongbao, his grasp of market trends is unique. In the first half of last year, a “modern ball light wind” was blown up in the Changzhou market. The price and style of this modern leisure lamp were close to the consumer psychology of the masses, so they sneaked into thousands of households overnight, and the manufacturers in the ancient town also When the wind moved, they opened factories to add production lines, and swarmed up. Hu Zhongbao has always been concerned about the development potential of the ball light. He believes that this kind of lamp has broad market prospects, so he introduced the Yilang ball lamp. However, due to the rush of many manufacturers, the market has disorderly competition. In the second half of the year, the situation turned sharply and the sales of the ball lights generally declined, so a large number of merchants quickly cut the price. Since the profit margin of the ball light itself is relatively small, many merchants and manufacturers have quit the field. Faced with such a dilemma, manufacturers who cooperated with Tongfa Lighting also considered giving up, but Hu Zhongbao optimistic about the market prospects of the bulbs from beginning to end. Under his support and persuasion, the factory finally persisted. Unsurprisingly, the sales of the bulbs gradually recovered and quickly gained a foothold, and they stood out in the local market.
At present, the storefront of Tongfa Lighting has expanded from 500 square meters to 1,600 square meters. In the continuous expansion of operations, Hu Zhongbao believes that self-confidence and opportunity are very important. Self-confidence is the spiritual pillar of his years of hard work and courage. As long as you have confidence, you can dispel the layers of fog and grasp the rules through chaotic phenomena; as long as you prepare in advance and seize the fleeting opportunities, you will be able to laugh at the most steady pace.
In the past few years, the cooperation with Marantz has been very pleasant. Hu Zhongbao not only completes the sales tasks on time every year, but also has high requirements for himself. According to the characteristics of the brand, he constantly improves the image of the store and promptly makes money. Retired, set a good image in the eyes of the manufacturers. Hu Zhongbao strives to make the manufacturers have no worries, and let the terminal dealers have money to earn, establish a good reputation and spread widely. He said that this is the magic weapon for his own victory.
In this interview, Hu Zhongbao repeatedly emphasized that a win-win situation is an important prerequisite, a principle of cooperation, and the final result. Therefore, no matter who they work with, they must change their thinking and consider each other's interests. Many people in the society have a win-win situation as a mantra, but not much has been practiced seriously. Some of the more clever bosses use the win-win value proposition of common development as a marketing technique, and the ultimate result can be imagined.
Based on the idea of ​​reciprocity, adhering to the win-win concept, all the way down, Tongfa Lighting and its partners have achieved great development and achieved the original intention of a win-win situation.

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