Dalian lighting industry enters the winter break period price war

Recently, the reporter visited the Dalian Friendship Street Lighting Wholesale City to taste Dalian Happy Home? Home Decoration City and Dalian Huanan Lighting Wholesale City, three major lighting markets, understand that with the advent of winter, various businesses reflect the recent performance is less and less, the main reason Because the temperature difference in the northern climate is relatively large throughout the year, the average temperature in the winter reaches minus 15 degrees and the number of sea breeze is also frequent. It is not conducive to the normal construction of large outdoor projects, and some real estate buildings have been shut down. In addition, Dalian citizens like to decorate their houses in spring and autumn, so the Dalian lighting industry has entered a winter break.

According to the manager of the Xiamen agent of Dalian South China Lighting Wholesale City, Mr. Chi Bo, Dalian has ushered in the off-season of the lighting industry every year. Every day, consumers who purchase lamps in the lighting market are less and less, but compared with previous years, this year’s buyers There are only a handful of people, and business is even more bleak. At this time, there are many dealers who can't hold back. In order to ensure that they don't lose money, they even start to fight the price war, and the market competition tends to a vicious circle.
What kind of reasons cause Chinese families not to favor energy-saving lamps (Figure). How to absorb solar energy into the lighting industry in Wenzhou? When can energy-saving lamps really approach the lives of the people? Light out the show to think about whether the city needs night, such as the development of white light energy-saving lamps. Reading era
Pay attention to the National Light Games crystal lamp blockbuster: color ring electronic technology building energy-saving renovation lighting control technology


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•    Therapeutic ultrasound

•    Accelerometers

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         Outer diameter


        Inner diameter




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