To solve the problem of “saving electricity and not saving money” for energy-saving products, we also need fiscal and tax policy support.

On winter nights, driving on Xiaobei 1st Road in Tiexi District, Shenyang, the street lights on both sides are soft and bright. The staff of the Tiexi District Urban Construction Department told reporters that this road lighting is not a traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, but a high-power LED (semiconductor lighting) street light. Xiaobei Yilu is also the world's first application of high-power LED street light. City standard road for functional lighting.

Dr. Zhang Yigang, consultant of China Lighting Association, told reporters that LED lighting is almost non-polluting from the production process to the use process until the end of life, and the power consumption is only 1/10 of the traditional light bulb, but its service life is dozens or even 100 times.

How much power can LED lights save compared to ordinary electric light sources? After the field research and comparison, the National Development and Reform Commission's research team calculated a fine account: according to the daily application of 10 hours, each street lamp saved 1.31 kWh per day; a small north road 58 lights, saving 27,700 kWh per year.

At present, there are about 200,000 street lamps in Shenyang. If LED street lamps are used, it will save hundreds of millions of yuan in electricity bills per year, which is equivalent to saving about 60,000 tons of standard coal per year and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 110,000 tons.

"Power saving does not save money" restricts the promotion of energy-saving lamps

The reporter learned in the interview that the LED lighting used in Shenyang Xiaobeiyi Road is a new product produced by Shenyang Daming Liguang Lighting Co., Ltd. From the development to the market, the product has spent nearly 10 years, and has obtained more than 10 core technology patents such as phosphor and heat-dissipating resin technology, but the market performance is not satisfactory.

Shenyang City has specially met to study the promotion and application of LED lighting, but there are still many "barriers" in promoting sales. The most important thing is the high cost of product development, resulting in 2-3 times the price of LED lights. Due to the initial investment in replacing LED lights, many users feel that “saving electricity does not save money”. In addition, due to the one-off cost calculation commonly used in government procurement, the relevant supporting equipment and maintenance costs are not fully considered, which also makes LED lights inferior in competition, and it is difficult to promote them.

At present, most of the lighting in public places in China (such as traffic tunnels, streets, parks, etc.) mostly use traditional power supply lighting. The light sources of street lamps are mainly high-pressure sodium lamps and mercury lamps, and most of them are not energy-saving. One of the main reasons is that the price of energy-saving products is higher than that of ordinary products, which is difficult for consumers to accept.

Financial support for energy-saving product promotion

Experts pointed out that lighting power saving is a breakthrough to solve the power shortage phenomenon in China. If the high-efficiency semiconductor lighting source can replace the current one-third of ordinary electric light sources in civil and public light sources, it can save about 100 billion kWh of electricity, equivalent to one year's full-scale power generation of the Three Gorges power station.

Experts believe that it is far from enough to promote energy-saving products relying solely on the strength and market behavior of enterprises. It is also necessary for the government to increase policy support and promote the use of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving lighting products. For example, enterprises that produce energy-saving products are given preferential treatment in terms of loans and taxes; and truly energy-efficient products are included in the government procurement catalogue.

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Finance that the central government will invest 7 billion yuan this year to support the top ten key energy-saving projects including energy-efficient products. The promotion of efficient lighting products will adopt a government subsidy approach. The specific method is to replenish the enterprise with financial subsidies, and the enterprise sells it to the end users at the price after the bid price minus the financial subsidy, and the bulk users and urban and rural residents can purchase high-efficiency lighting products at a lower price. The Ministry of Finance revealed that this year, the country plans to promote 50 million high-efficiency energy-saving products. After accumulating certain experience, it will gradually establish an effective system for the promotion of energy-efficient products including air conditioners, refrigerators, automobiles and buildings.

(Source: People's Daily)

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