Huaqiang Benbang Cai Ganqiang talks about corporate glory and future (Figure)

Cai Ganqiang, Chairman of Benbang Lighting

A year of 2007 is full of dreams and bumper harvests. A 2008 full of opportunities and challenges is about to come. At this moment of resigning the old and welcoming new times, companies must sum up the past and look to the future. This year, it was a year of rapid development for the state. Although the price adjustment caused a short-term rebound, so far, good news has come from the headquarters of the state: the sales of the three major brands of Benbang Lighting have been completed 110%. Growth, Huaqiang Lighting completed 30% growth, and 渝Electrical Lighting completed 70% growth, which formed the three brands under the leadership of Benbang Lighting's high-end brand, Huaqiang Lighting Volkswagen brand, and the electrician to inherit the past three brands. The pattern.


Cooperation with the Olympics

Following the cooperation with the Asian Winter Games, Benbang Lighting has once again cooperated with the Olympic Games and has become a model for sports marketing. When many domestic lighting companies faced the 2008 Olympic Games lighting project, the state has historically won the Olympic Games main project - the Olympic Sports Center. Benbang Lighting is competing with many international and domestic famous brands, why do you finally stand out? Mr. Cai Ganqiang, Chairman of Benbang Lighting, believes that Chinese companies do not lack good products and do not lack good design solutions, but we must prove our strength to engineering units. Mr. Cai revealed that up to now, the state has completed 80 million yuan of Olympic engineering projects. The state has vigorously promoted high-end resources marketing with the help of sports events. Its brand promotion will be further strengthened, and terminal penetration will be further strengthened. The transition from industry brands to popular brands has quietly warmed up. The state is working on the application of China's well-known trademarks. The preliminary preparations for China's famous brands are also progressing smoothly, which is also a strong guarantee for building a strong terminal brand.

Create a high-end brand

As we all know, the state dares to participate in market competition at a price higher than 30% of foreign brands. What kind of influence does high-end positioning have? According to Cai’s analysis, the high-end positioning of Benbang Lighting caters to the needs of image engineering for high-end products. The differentiation of the products of the state reflects the value of the products and the gold content of the technology. Of course, the price is one of the important manifestations of differentiation. In China and even the world lighting market, Philips, GE and Osram and other international three major light source giants, whether in product technology, research and development, or product prices have always been in the leading position in the high-end market. However, China's lighting national brands represented by the state dare to frequently launch in the high-end market and launch a storm on Philips. The state is to build a national high-end brand.

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