Huangshi City lighting environment construction management work implementation plan

Issued by: Office of the People's Government of Huangshi City, Hubei Province

Document No.: Huang Zheng Ban Fa [2007] No. 50

Release date: 2007-7-26

Implementation date: 2007-7-26

Daye City, Yangxin County, the people's governments of various districts, and various departments of the municipal government:

The Implementation Plan for the Construction and Management of Lighting Environment in Huangshi City has been approved by the municipal government and is now printed and distributed to you. Please organize and implement it carefully.

Second???? July 26, seven years

Huangshi City lighting environment construction management work implementation plan

In order to speed up the construction process of the city's urban lighting environment construction project and further beautify the urban environment, this implementation plan is specially formulated.

I. Guiding ideology

Focusing on the goal of building a "rich, civilized, beautiful, harmonious" new Yellowstone and a modern regional central city, we will promote the "four cities with the same creation", consolidate and improve the built lighting environment, build a new lighting environment with high standards and high standards, and upgrade Yellowstone. Image to promote economic prosperity and social development.

Second, the work content

(1) Create two core circles of lighting environment landscape (before September 30, 2007). The first is to create a core circle of the circular magnetic lake lighting environment landscape. The second is to build the core circle of the lighting environment landscape of No.1 Lake in Qingshan Lake. The lighting environment should be set up in the buildings surrounding the magnetic lake and Qingshan Lake No. 1 (including high-rise buildings in the viewing space). (Responsible department: the people's government of the jurisdiction, the municipal garden bureau, the municipal public utility bureau)

(2) Create four lighting environment landscape roads (before September 30, 2007). The use of LED, electromagnetic induction lamps and other high-tech to build a lighting environment for the buildings on both sides of Hubin Road (excluding Hubin East Road), Wuhan Road, Hangzhou Road (excluding extension) and Guilin North and South Road. (Responsible department: People's Government of the jurisdiction, Municipal Planning Bureau, Huangshi Power Supply Company)

(3) Create five lighting environment nodes (before September 30, 2007). Lighting facilities should be set up at the intersection of Yan'an Road and Hubin Road, the intersection of Wuhan Road and Wuhu Road, the intersection of Hubin Road and Hangzhou Road, the intersection of Huangshi Avenue and Tianjin Road, and the intersection of Hubin Road and Magnetic Lake Road. (Responsible department: People's government of the jurisdiction, Huangshi Power Supply Company)

(4) To create a lighting environment commercial street (before September 30, 2007). Street-side buildings on both sides of Nanjing Road should be equipped with a stylish and commercial atmosphere. (Responsible Department: Huangshi Port Area People's Government)

(5) Building a lighting environment office building (before September 30, 2007). The office buildings of all government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and residential buildings facing the street shall be constructed or reconstructed in accordance with the principles of aesthetics and attention and economy. (Responsible department: the unit where each office building is located)

(6) To create a landmark building lighting environment (before November 30, 2007). Buildings with more than 15 floors (including commercial and residential buildings) should use LEDs, electromagnetic induction lamps and other high-tech to create a landmark architectural lighting environment. (Responsible department: Municipal Construction Management Committee, Municipal Planning Bureau, Municipal Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, District People's Government, Huangshi Power Supply Company)

Third, the implementation principle

(1) The principle of territorial management of urban government. The construction of the lighting environment shall be organized and coordinated by the people's governments of each district to ensure that the construction tasks are completed within the prescribed time limit.

(2) The principle of professional design and investment management of the owner. In order to ensure the harmonious effect of the urban lighting environment, coordination and the overall effect of the urban lighting environment, whether it is a new or upgraded urban lighting environment, it must be designed by a professional design unit and reported to the Municipal Lighting Environment Construction Management Leading Group Office (hereinafter referred to as City Lighting Office) After the organization of expert review, the owner unit invests in construction management. The lighting environment of the ring magnetic lake, the Qingshan Lake, and the important nodes of the city should be made into high-quality products, focusing on the connection of urban nightscapes to form a core landscape circle and landscape belt. According to the different functions of different areas and buildings, various lighting materials should be used to create a distinctive urban night light environment.

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