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The report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized that it is necessary to place a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society in a prominent position in the industrialization and modernization development strategy. In order to fulfill the goals and tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction in the 11th Five-Year Plan, all localities and units have taken active actions. What role will the Pujiang County Economic Development Zone, which is one of the main battlefields for energy conservation and emission reduction in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, play in energy conservation and emission reduction? How do they promote energy conservation and emission reduction? To this end, our reporter interviewed Huang Zhongzhi, executive deputy director of the Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee of Zhejiang Pujiang County.
Reporter: Energy conservation and emission reduction is one of the important tasks of the party and the state at present, and a series of policy measures have been issued for this purpose. So, what do you think about the significance of energy saving? What role can our development zone play in it?
Huang Zhongzhi: China's economy has grown rapidly, and various achievements have been made, but it has also paid a huge resource and environmental cost. In fact, this is also a problem that has been widespread or experienced in the industrialization roads of all countries. Without accelerating the adjustment of the economic structure and changing the mode of growth, resources cannot be supported, the environment cannot be accommodated, the society cannot afford it, and economic development is unsustainable. Therefore, the country's strategic plan for energy conservation and emission reduction during the 11th Five-Year Plan has positive practical significance and far-reaching historical significance.
Development zones can do a lot in energy conservation and emission reduction. In accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept and the guiding ideology of building a resource-saving, environment-friendly, and ecological development zone, we first firmly seized the entry barrier from the source, and at the same time broke the original investment attraction with the investment intensity as the standard. The preferential policy has become a public auction policy, and a new preferential investment policy has been formulated with resource conservation and environmental protection as important.

- Interview with Huang Zhongzhi, executive deputy director of Zhejiang Pujiang Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee

Reporter: To complete the strategic goal of “reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by 20% and reducing emissions of major pollutants by 10% in 2010” proposed in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, in 2007, it has no choice but to become a key year and tackle the problem. year. So what is the Pujiang Economic Development Zone doing?
Huang Zhongzhi: In accordance with the unified deployment of energy conservation and emission reduction by the county party committee and county government, the development zone first set up a leading group for energy conservation and emission reduction, and held a special meeting on energy conservation and emission reduction to deploy energy conservation and emission reduction work; The assessment system clarified the objectives and tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction, and included the energy conservation and emission reduction work of enterprises in the scope of assessment to strengthen the guidance of enterprises in the region in energy conservation and emission reduction. Third, they signed targets with large consumers of electricity and large water users. Responsibility book, especially for 13 enterprises with energy consumption above 1000 tons of standard coal, has defined 10%-15% energy conservation and consumption reduction tasks; Fourth, implemented measures to eliminate backward production equipment, this year's single water consumption is particularly large The paper mill eliminated 8.6 million yuan of backward equipment and rolled off a production line with a capacity of 50.16 million yuan. Fifth, it set a higher threshold for new enterprises. That is to say, enterprises in the new zone must implement the “three simultaneous” system of environmental protection. The output value of energy consumption of 10,000 yuan must be below 0.1 tons of standard coal, and the water consumption of 10,000 yuan of output value must be below 5 tons. Sixth is to actively encourage the implementation of cleaner production and ISO14000 certification. There are 4 enterprises that have passed the provincial-level clean production audit this year, and 9 enterprises that have passed the clean production audit in the whole district. There are 3 companies that have passed ISO14000 certification this year, and there are 6 companies that have passed ISO14000 certification so far.
Reporter: The ultimate goal of energy conservation and emission reduction is not to shut down enterprises, but to promote enterprise development and social progress through effective means such as technological innovation, industrial transformation, and structural adjustment. Do you have any specific incentives in the implementation process?
Huang Zhongzhi: Yes. First, in the technical transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction, the technical reform subsidy policy with a spoke degree of 7.5%-10% was introduced, and the energy consumption of the technological transformation project and equipment investment amount of more than 50,000 yuan was achieved with the adoption of international advanced standards. The technical transformation project will increase the percentage of the technical reform subsidy by one percentage point; the second is to reward the enterprise that passed the provincial clean production audit by 50,000 yuan; the third is the annual comprehensive energy consumption of 1,000 tons of standard coal. The key energy-using enterprises with a comprehensive energy consumption of 10,000 yuan of output value decreased by 4% year-on-year, with a reward of 0.5 million yuan for each 1% reduction; and 4, for enterprises that received special funds for energy-saving projects above the provincial level, 50% of the subsidy funds will be rewarded; Fifth, actively encourage enterprises to seek special funds for energy conservation and water conservation from the provincial economic and trade commission.
Reporter: Industrial transformation or structural adjustment is an important means of energy conservation and emission reduction. Are there some successful cases in the development zone?
Huang Zhongzhi: In this respect, Pujiang County Xingbi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., which produces low-power LED energy-saving lamps, and Pujiang County Zhongxing Lock Industry Co., Ltd., which produces high-power LED energy-saving lamps, are very representative. . Their family was transformed from the crystal industry, and the other was transformed from the lock industry. Their success marks that our development zone enterprises have really begun to realize industrial transformation.
We also actively assisted the two companies to include the LED series products in the catalogue of energy-saving products promoted by the Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission, which is of great significance. At present, there are more than 10 LED manufacturing enterprises in the development zone, and an emerging energy-saving industry will gradually become the pillar industry of the development zone. In addition, in order to encourage and support LED enterprises, this year, the development zone has adopted the method of direct bidding to LED enterprises in the installation of four street lamps, which also has positive significance for energy-saving and energy-saving in the development zone.
Reporter: It is understood that in order to cope with the work of energy conservation and emission reduction, the development zone has carried out an environmental special rectification. What results have been achieved so far?
Huang Zhongzhi: Since the launch of the activity, we have used the time of nearly half a year to carry out special rectification of the environmental conditions of the development zone: First, barreling the garbage of all enterprises in the zone, and investing 300,000 yuan to purchase garbage. The transportation is carried out for unified transportation; the second is to rectify the drainage pipe network that has not been subjected to rain and sewage diversion in the district, and realize the diversion of rain and sewage; the third is to configure the environmental protection facilities for 23 crystal processing enterprises in the district, and the unified requirements are three. Level precipitation, and technical treatment after discharge can be discharged; Fourth, the river channel is cleaned; Fifth, the greening of some sections of the road is increased; Sixth is the temporary shed for illegal buildings, temporary buildings, and chaotic construction. Demolition was carried out to regulate the placement of mobile stalls.
Reporter: For the fast-growing Chinese economy, energy conservation and emission reduction will be an arduous and lasting work. After the phased results have been achieved, what will the development zone do next?
Huang Zhongzhi: As you said, energy conservation and emission reduction will also be an arduous and lasting battle for the unremitting efforts of our development zone. In this regard, we will continue to work hard, constantly unremitting efforts, consistently do a good job in environmental protection and pollution remediation, ensure the full implementation of various long-term mechanisms; actively guide enterprises to scientific and technological innovation, accelerate industrial transformation and structural adjustment, and promote scientific and technological energy conservation Innovate and save energy; give full play to the main role of enterprises, urge enterprises to establish energy utilization status reporting systems, etc., so as to ensure the sound and rapid development of Pujiang Development Zone economy. (Source: China Enterprise News)

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