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——The application of induction lamps in high-space and large-span workshops is well known as energy conservation and emission reduction, which is the top priority of today's government work. Due to the lack of widespread promotion and use of energy-saving technologies in China, there is an incredible waste in energy consumption. The Ministry of Construction, the Economic and Trade Commission and the National Development and Reform Commission have clearly stated that urban lighting should be oriented towards “high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and health”. development of. Low-frequency electrodeless lamps are green lighting products that meet the standards of “efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and healthy”.

Comparison of low frequency induction lamp VS traditional high power illumination

Comparison of lighting effects before and after the implementation of plant engineering renovation One of the large state-owned enterprises has a construction area of ​​4,000 square meters, a factory height of 13 meters, and a lighting limit of 10 meters. Now, 176 sets of 400W sodium lamps are used. (The cost per lamp is: RMB 692 yuan). The lighting conditions of the production workshop before the transformation are very poor. The illumination of each working point is very different, there are obvious dark areas, and the glare is very strong. The illumination illumination is only 30-50Lx, which is lower than the national design standard requirements and cannot fully meet the normal work. The need is not conducive to production, but also to safety.
Transformation of the former

In our company's lighting technicians, we will use 176 sets of 210W low-frequency electrodeless lamps (the cost per lamp is: RMB 1600). After the implementation of the energy-saving lighting renovation work, the production lighting conditions of the enterprise workshop have been significantly improved, the glare has been reduced, and the illumination has been improved to 90-120Lx, which not only ensures the production safety, but also improves the production quality of the products and the labor efficiency of the workers. In particular, it avoids unnecessary lighting waste, saves production costs, greatly enhances the competitiveness of enterprise products in the market, and finally achieves the triple effect of lighting control, saving electricity and enhancing enterprise competitiveness.
After transformation

1 Comparison of power saving effect and economic benefit
2 power consumption comparison:
3 original program (sodium lamp) one day electricity: 480W × 176 × 12 hours ÷ 1000W = 1013.76 degrees / day;
4 Current scheme (low frequency induction lamp) One day electricity: 210W × 176 × 12 hours ÷ 1000W = 443.52 degrees / day
5 plan to save electricity in one day: (sodium lamp) 1013.76 degrees / day - (low frequency electrodeless lamp) 443.52 degrees / day = 570.24 / day
6 original program (sodium lamp) annual electricity: 1013.76 degrees × 365 days = 370022.4 degrees / year;
7 Current plan (low frequency induction lamp) One year electricity: 443.52 degrees × 365 days = 161884.8 degrees / year
8 program to save electricity in one year: (sodium lamp) 370022.4 degrees / year - (low frequency electrodeless lamp) 161884.8 degrees / year = 208137.6 / year
9 electricity cost comparison:
10 Annual cost of electricity for the original plan: 370022.4 degrees / year × 0.8 yuan / degree = 296017.92 yuan
11 Current cost of electricity for the program: 161884.8 degrees / year × 08. yuan / degree = 129507.84 yuan
12 plan to save electricity in one year: (sodium lamp) 296017.92 yuan - (low frequency electrodeless lamp) 129507.84 yuan = 166510.08 yuan
13 Cost recovery: According to the comparison of the above and above scheme data, the total cost of the renovation project (calculated by 1600 yuan per set) requires 20 months to recover the cost.
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