Chen Weimin, Director of Optoelectronic Technology Research Office, Chongqing University

Professor Chen Weimin, Ph.D., doctoral tutor. He graduated from Zhejiang University with a bachelor's degree in optical instrumentation and engineering in 1982. He later obtained a master's degree in precision instrumentation and mechanics, a doctoral degree in instrument science and technology from the Department of Optoelectronic Engineering of Chongqing University, and a graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 1991-1992. Access to study. The main social part-time jobs include: Director of Optoelectronic Technology Research Office of Chongqing University Optoelectronic Engineering College, and Deputy Director of Chongqing University Intelligent Structure Research Center, Deputy Director of Chongqing Optoelectronic Engineering Research Center; Member of International Society of Optics and Optoelectronics (SPIE), China Instrument and Control Society Director, member of the optoelectronic industry expert group of Chongqing Municipal Government, executive vice chairman of Chongqing Optical Society, director of the Optoelectronics Committee of Chongqing Electronic Society.

He has been engaged in the research of optical fiber sensors and intelligent structure technology for a long time. He has presided over or participated in the completion of optical fiber flow sensing system, complex surface profile optical non-contact measurement technology, fiber grating technology, fiber-reinforced strain gauge for reinforced concrete structure, and remote real-time monitoring of civil infrastructure. Special "set-top box" technology, distributed optical fiber temperature sensing system, intelligent mechanical structure and its system based micro-multi-channel spectral analysis system integration technology, Dafosi Yangtze River Bridge safety monitoring system, etc. More than ten national and provincial research The project, a number of achievements through the provincial-level appraisal, won the first-class and second-class awards, won 3 patents; published more than 100 academic papers; more than 30 graduate students have been trained. His research interests include fiber optic sensing, laser and fiber optic applications, intelligent structural systems, precision measurement and sensor technology.

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