Interview with Wu Enbo, President of Hong Kong Institute of Applied Technology (Photo)

On the morning of August 22, a reporter from China Semiconductor Lighting Network interviewed Mr. Wu Enbai, President of Hong Kong Applied Technology Research Institute.

Wu Enbo believes that the domestic industry and technology level have developed rapidly in recent years. This can be reflected in the composition of the papers in this forum and the depth of the issues discussed. It is very gratifying.

For the current application of semiconductor lighting, the main body of the new application is gradually extended to indoor and outdoor lighting, which can also be reflected in the number of papers related to the CHINA SSL 2007 forum and the author's company. Philips, OSRAM, CREE, etc. This area has invested tremendously and has launched a number of targeted products. It can be said that the street lighting-based outdoor lighting market has already had a certain foundation, and the prototype of indoor lighting with greater market space is gradually forming.

The development of semiconductor lighting products must pay attention to several issues: First, system efficiency issues, must consider the price, operating costs, performance and other issues from the perspective of the final consumer. The price comparison between the industry and traditional lighting should also be based on the comprehensive efficiency of the integrated system, so that it can be compared with the traditional lighting to obtain the consumer's recognition; another problem is the standard issue that the industry is very concerned about. Effective industry standards can make products have uniform performance indicators, enhance product interchangeability, reduce operating costs, and the uniformity of product standards can also improve supporting systems, strengthen equipment standardization, and reduce production costs. It is suggested that in the absence of relevant standards in the international arena, the three sides of the strait can unite to form the lighting standard and strive to promote it globally as the leader of international standards.

At present, there is still a big gap between the application technology level of mainland enterprises and the international advanced level. As for individual enterprises, it is difficult to obtain major breakthroughs due to limited investment in research and development. Therefore, the domestic application development platform should be established. This platform should be between research institutions and enterprises, and directly face the development of the industry. This platform should absorb the technology and products that the research and development personnel of the research institute can produce on a large scale, and train the process technicians and related management personnel for the enterprise.

The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute is a product development organization established for this purpose. Although its LED-related team has been established for two years, it has already had a number of product transfer companies and achieved large-scale production. The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute has established close cooperation with relevant universities in Hong Kong and has cooperated with many mainland enterprises to develop. Many products will be launched in the near future.

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Product features
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2.  No need to add any chemical additives, does not change the internal electrolyte composition of the battery, safe and reliable; For water loss batteries only need to add deionized water before restoring. The output pulse voltage and pulse current are strictly limited.
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